Portuguese Abroad – 12/6

Overall, it was a very uninteresting two days for Portuguese football fans. There were some surprises, but there were also bitter disappointments…….Okay, maybe not bitter, but they were still disappointing. So anyway, here’s the reports of Portuguese players abroad from five of the top leagues in the world.


1. Sevilla 1-1 Valladolid – (this was one of the surprises) Pele played ALL NINETY MINUTES. Finally, he gets the playing time he deserves.

2. Xerez 0-2 Atletico Madrid – Simao started(no surprise), and played the whole match.

3. Real Madrid 4-2 Almeira – Pepe started and played the whole match, with Ronaldo starting, missing a penalty, scoring a goal, receiving a yellow card for the celebration, and receiving a second yellow to be sent off in the 88th minute.

4. Deportivo 1-3 Barcelona – Ze Castro nowhere to be seen.

5. Espanyol 0-4 Racing Santander – Ze Antonio nowhere to be seen

6. Mallorca 4-1 Zaragoza – Nunes started and player whole match, while Bruno China was nowhere to be seen.

7. Malaga 1-1 Osasuna – Duda started and played full game, with Edinho playing the last thirty minutes as a substitute.

8. Athletic Bilbao 1-2 Valencia – This is the “bitter” disappointment I was speaking of. Manuel Fernandes is now fit to play. He played last week as a substitute. I halfway expected him to be starting tonight, but instead, he doesn’t play at all. Miguel was substituted in(in the 88th minute)


1. West Ham 0-4 Manchester United – Manuel da Costa was nowhere to be seen……….why? Nani was also nowhere to be seen for Manchester United

2. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Bolton – No surprise that Vaz te was nowhere to be seen.

3. Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea – Deco and Carvalho both started, with Carvalho being subbed out in the 63rd minute. Bosingwa still out injured(i think), and Paulo Ferriera nowhere to be seen.


1. Wolfsburg 2-2 Freiburg – Ricardo Costa started and played the whole match.

2. Stuttgart 1-1 Bochum – Daniel Fernandes nowhere to be seen.

3. Koln 0-0 Werder Bremen – Hugo Almeida started for Werder, but was substituted out in the 70th minute. Petit and Maniche both started for Koln, but Maniche was substituted out in the 78th minute.


1. Montpellier 2-1 Le Mans – Joao Paulo played the whole match

2. Boulogne 2-1 Lens – Marco Ramos played the whole match

3. Grenoble 2-1 Toulouse – Paulo Machado substituted in (in the 76th minute)


1. Juventus 2-1 Inter – Quaresma and Tiago nowhere to be seen

2. Fiorentina 2-0 Atalanta- Costinha nowhere to be seen.

3. Siena 3-2 Catania – Brandao played full match

4. Roma 1-0 Lazio – Eliseu and Antunes nowhere to be seen

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