U21 Match Report: Portugal 0-2 Sweden

Lately, the Portugal Under-21 Team has started to impress, most notably with their 2-1 win over Greece. I was quite optimistic about this game, and was getting more optimistic about the team. But, for some reason, the Portuguese youth teams somehow manage not to impress, even with the talent-packed teams they have. I rushed home today expecting to find a 1 or 2-0 win for Portugal. Oh how I was disappointed.

Portugal were on the front foot starting this game, with Fabio Faria and Adrien Silva both failing to capitalize on their chances. Soon after, Ukra created some space for a cross with a series of beautifully executed step-overs; however when he crossed it in, Bruno Pereirinha wasn’t able to keep his header down. Later, Pereirinha tried his luck with a right-footed shot, but the ball glided wide of the goal. Next, Ukra received the ball on the edge of the box and cut in, but his curling shot was just wide. Sweden broke the deadlock when Fejzullahu finished off a flawless cross. Candeias, trying to get Portugal back in the game, lifted his shot over the bar. Just after, Sweden made it two when Avdic headed in from the corner.

Portugal:Ventura(Diego Silva), Joao Goncalves(Candeias), Miguel Vitor, Andre Pinto, Fabio Faria(Ruben Lima), Adrien Silva, Castro(Pedro Moreira), Andre Santos(Rui Pedro), Rabiola(Diogo Salomão), Perierinha, Ukra(Yazalde)

2 thoughts on “U21 Match Report: Portugal 0-2 Sweden

  1. Please send me a copy of the team sheet for portugal /sweden u21 on march 2nd 2010 looked everywhere for it but cant find it.I need names and numbers please if possible.

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