National Team Update – 10/31/10 Part I

This is nothing official. Nothing from ABOLA or Record or the Portuguese Federation, it’s just me telling you what I predict and believe. This is mostly opinion.

Now that Carlos Queiroz is officially sacked, the Seleccao can resume its natural dominance. As shown in Portugal’s last two qualification matches, Bento knows how to play different players to their strengths. He also knows how to motivate his players, or at least motivate Ronaldo, so he can. It became quite evident that Queiroz did not know how to do either of these things very well. Let me elaborate a little bit on both points. In both the qualifying games, players like Moutinho and Meireles flourished. Why?, because they had a task and they were motivated. Moutinho’s task was to buzz around the field, creating a play wherever he could. Because he knew his task and was motivated, it happened. The same goes for Meireles. Under Queiroz’s regime, the team looked drab, constantly relying on individuals for magic.

This article is an ongoing thing, so look for more in the next days.

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