Tiago Retires From National Team

Atletico Madrid midfielder, Tiago, has unexpectedly announced his retirement from the Portuguese National Team. Tiago has featured for the senior squad since his debut in 2002, and has since appeared over fifty times, while scoring three goals. Tiago’s reasoning for his retirement? Here’s what he had to say: “I’m retiring for personal reasons but also because I believe it’s the end of a cycle concerning my contribution to the Seleccao. I also believe the moment has arrived to give the opportunity to new talents of Portuguese football, just like I had eight years ago.”

Tiago said it well, although not many would have expected him to retire at such a young age as 29. Possibly the highlight of Tiago’s international career came this summer in Portugal’s World Cup group stage match against North Korea. The center-midfielder scored two goals in the Seleccao’s 7-0 annihilation of the Koreans. Not only did he score two, but he was a bright spot in an otherwise muddy campaign for the team.

Current Portugal National team coach, Paulo Bento, also had something to say on the matter: “I respect Tiago’s decision, but naturally I lament it. He’s a good player who could still do positive things for the Seleccao. He has a rich past in the national team. I thank him for what he did for the Seleccao.”

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