New Domain!

portugalfutbol.netWhen this blog was created in October 2009, it was simply used as an outlet for me to talk about Portuguese football. I am an avid supporter of the Selccao, ever since witnessing their football magic at the 2006 World Cup. With Figo on one wing and Ronaldo on the other, and with players like Deco and Maniche in the middle, it was hard not to fall in love with the team. I, personally, do not have any ancestral ties to Portugal, but the connection that I feel through the sport is indescribable.

To date, you, the faithful readers, have viewed this site 110,000 times. Through the breaks in posting, you have remained faithful to the cause. Portugal have a truly exciting team competing at this summer’s World Cup, and the generation below look to impress just as much. So, is becoming The content will be the same, but the site will be slowly expanded. I hope that this will be an improvement, and that your readership will continue, because I am truly thankful for the support.


Thanks for everything,

Sam Biggers


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