Introducing Mitchell Rua! is proud to present the newest member of our writing team, Mitchell Rua. I am excited to have him on board, and look forward to seeing what he can bring to the site. A die-hard Porto fan, Mitchell will add a new perspective to PortugalFutbol’s coverage. Here’s his introduction:



I’m Mitchell Rua and I am the newest member of the Portugal Futbol team! I’m extremely excited to be a part of Sam’s team and hope to bring some new, interesting content to the site and to our readers in promoting the Portuguese game we all love to the English-speaking world.

Ever since I was little I have always been infatuated with football, within and around it, whether it is the game itself or the emotions it evokes in bringing nations to a standstill. It is in this way that I have come to appreciate the Portuguese game as a whole.

As a Luso-Australian, football runs through my blood. A keen observer of the world game, I have become an intransigent Portista and keen observer of the Seleção das Quinas, waking up in the wee hours of the morning on countless occasions to catch a glimpse of our footballing heroes. 

Currently, Portuguese football is undoubtedly the most underrated in Europe, possibly the world. The diminutive nation has in recent years churned out marvellous performances both at European club level and on the world stage, with the coming of another ‘Golden Generation’ on the cards, ranked as the best in Europe, only adding further momentum to the speeding train that is Portuguese football.

There is no doubt that there’s a lot to look forward and I plan to do the best I can in helping bring Portuguese football to the forefront of our beautiful game.


Mitchell Rua


PortugalFutbol is still looking for writers. If you are interested, please visit our “Write For Portugal Futbol” page.

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