Introducing Orlando Mac! is excited to welcome the newest member of our writing team, Orlando Mac. Orlando is well-versed in all matters having to do with the sport in Portugal, and he will bring a sense of humor to the site. Here’s his introduction:


I’m Orlando Mac, Sam after having seen some of my work invited me to join his team.

I was highly impressed with the job that Sam has done on this site. I appreciate the amount of time, dedication, and commitment involved in producing such a great resource for the Portuguese futebol fans, so I welcomed the opportunity to help spread the word.

Some of you will be familiar with my name as I have been posting regularly to all the major (English Language) Portuguese soccer sites for decades.

For those of you who aren’t, I am a passionate Portuguese fan that takes a serious look at the game, but who also likes to interject some fun into the equation from time to time.

I believe that as a writer/media member it is important to move the needle, the worst reaction you can have is apathy. So from time to time I like to play devil’s advocate just to see the reaction.

Life is about learning and I have learned a lot from being a regular member of Portuguese football websites. The different perspectives have broadened my views on many a subject even when I didn’t agree with the commenter, and I have relied on many to give me a deeper insight into the game.

There are so many great posters on these English language sites and I welcome them to participate, comment, and join us here at Please make us a regular stop in your tour of the Portuguese football sites.

I am new here so I hope you can welcome me in to the family, and I look forward to many friendly spirited debates on the subject we all love, Portuguese Futebol.


Orlando Mac

PortugalFutbol is still looking for writers. If you are interested, please visit our “Write For Portugal Futbol” page.

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