Why Premier League Clubs Should Target Jackson Martinez

Jackson Martinez - PortoJackson Martinez is a Colombian striker currently plying his trade in the Portuguese Primeira Liga with FC Porto and has been prolific ever since his arrival in 2012. In his first season at Porto, Jackson managed 31 goals in 40 appearances across 4 competitions, scoring 26 of them in the Liga, helping Porto to yet another league title. In his second season, he managed 29 goals in 51 appearances, however, he was unable to prevent a rather unsuccessful season for Porto as both Lisbon clubs finished ahead of them in the Liga table and they had to settle for a third-place finish and a play-off to reach the group stages of the 2014/15 Champions League. As for this season, he has already managed to rack up more than 20 goals. A clinical, reliable finisher if ever there was one.

So as you can see from the statistics above, Jackson Martinez is a prolific and proven goal scorer. He has become increasingly important to Porto and their challenge for silverware. However, I’m not here to talk about Jackson and Porto, I’m here to discuss why Premier League clubs should be targeting the Colombian hit-man.

When you look at strikers who have succeeded in the Premier League, yes they all offer something different, but they were all aware of how physical the league was and still is. Obviously, there are also strikers who are far more intricate in their play and have smaller frames than others, which gives them the ability to glide around the pitch and move on and off the ball with ease. In terms of the type of striker Jackson is, he is definitely the physical type. He has a bigger-sized frame than others, and he is able to shake off a defenders’ challenge when in attacking positions He is certainly a striker who would suit the Premier League. He has fantastic movement on and off the ball, his finishing ability is superb and he has a great amount of physical and upper body strength, which is vital in the Premier League.

Jackson Martinez is a player who knows where the goal is, and has proven himself at club level, both domestically and in European competition. Many people will say to me that he can’t have proven himself at club-level because of the league he plays in and those people claim the Portuguese Liga to be a poor league, when it actually isn’t. Those people are the uneducated when it comes to Portuguese football. But let me tell you this, regardless of their current Liga position, for me, Jackson is at the best team in Portugal. I think FC Porto have the better players within their squad, albeit, they have let themselves down with their league form. Nevertheless, everyone who watches Portuguese football, or even watches Porto in the Champions League will know how good a player Jackson is and will also know about his technical abilities.

When I think of what clubs Jackson would suit in the Premier League, I think of clubs such as Liverpool and Arsenal. A striker who is tough to shake of the ball, who also has good movement on and off it, and someone who is deadly and clinical inside the area. Currently, neither sides’ current strikers off what Jackson does.

Jackson is now 28-years-old and at the peak of his powers. It seems as though it is a case of ‘now or never’ if he is to secure his big move to the Premier League. Clubs in the Premier League would be daft not to consider pursuing Jackson’s signature in the summer transfer window. If he is to leave Porto, I am almost certain he will deliver for whichever club he joins.