What’s Next for Cristiano Ronaldo?

Portugal vs Ecuador - RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo is the name on the lips of all Portuguese fans, almost all of the time. Perhaps the greatest ever footballer, Ronaldo is certainly the greatest Portuguese player ever to grace the game. With the forward not getting any younger, rumors and speculation on his future are numerous and growing. And with this summer’s near-transfer saga, speculation is rife. Guest contributor Joshua Bunting gives us his take on Ronaldo’s future.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest superstar in world football and the current best footballer in the world after picking up the FIFA World Player in January.
Ronaldo is always being linked to pastures anew, including a return to former club Manchester United. But could it happen this summer? The rumours of Cristiano leaving Real Madrid regenerated last month as the Portuguese legend was
accused of tax fraud, and his relationship with the Spanish champions went downhill from there. However, Manchester United manager José Mourinho manager ruled out a deal to bring him back to Old Trafford when asked on Tuesday. Zinedine Zidane has said that he hopes that he stays at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. The key word in this statement is “hopes.”

There is clearly something going on in the background, as Ronaldo is currently in China promoting his individual tour taking a prolonged break after the Confederations Cup. Moves to America and China are off the cards currently for the winger (who has evolved into a striker in these past two seasons) due to his age, as he says that he wants to retire at the top level. Ronaldo last season proved why he’s once again he is the greatest footballer on the planet as he outscored his well-known rival Lionel Messi in all competitions including goals at the international level. Many pundits called him the greatest goal scorer of all time after his two goals in the Champions League final in Cardiff lead to Real Madrid’s 12th prestigious trophy.

I think that the 32-year-old will stay at Real Madrid for the season ahead also due to his transfer fee, but with the rumours circulating around Neymar’s possible £222 million move to French side Paris St-Germain, it is clear to see that other clubs could break records to make the deal happen. Why would Cristiano want to leave the La Liga and European champions? In my opinion, Ronaldo is extremely underappreciated by the Real Madrid support, as he has scored 285 goals for the Galacticos, but after a bad performance, occasionally he gets jeered off by the highly expectant supporters. This is bound to be frustrating. A new challenge could be on the cards, as he has won everything that there is to win in Spain, so he could possibly be looking a new league for future success. Possibly Ligue 1, as it is well known Paris St-Germain are making a claim to lift the UEFA Champions League for the first time, so maybe he would want to be the leader of that project. A move back to Manchester is possible one day, as Ronaldo was so well treated at Old Trafford by both fans and staff as the man himself called former manager Sir Alex Ferguson his second father.

For this season, like I have said, he will stay at Real Madrid (in my opinion), however I would like to see the world’s best to come back into the Premier League one day and show that he can still do it in what is the world’s most competitive league. Before, of course, I would hope he would play out his final year at Sporting Lisbon where his professional career began.

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One thought on “What’s Next for Cristiano Ronaldo?

  1. He will never return to the Prem leagues!!! Zero chance, way too many teams that could win the league. If you don’t win the league, you don’t win individual awards. Outside of Madrid, there is only 1 team that CR7 can go to and it’s PSG. They almost win the league every year and came within a whisker of going to champions league semi’s last year. With CR7 their chances would greatly improve! Juventus would be a good choice as well, but they won’t spend that kind of money….PSG would. Good read

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