Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

This Friday, Portugal started the sailing world championships in The Hague without placing, for the time being, crews in eligible places for Paris’2024, with the duo Diogo Costa/Carolina João being closer to the goal in 470.

The Olympics in Tokyo’2020, in separate classes, finished in 12th place in the two races of their fleet, so the 24 points put them in 23rd place at the end of the first day.

These World Cups will allocate eight places for the 470, however, as France already has a guaranteed presence, as host, and each country can only take one crew, the Portuguese are for now the 13th vessel in this particular classification.

In the same 470, less exciting start for Beatriz Gago and Roldolfo Pires, who remain in 40th, with 37 points, after a 12th and 25th places in their fleet, in competition commanded by the Japanese Keiju Okada and Miho Yoshioka , with points belt.

In 49er, which scores 10 boats, Pedro Costa and João Bolina recorded a 20th, a 23rd and a 28th place, throwing the latter away, starting the worlds in 70th, with 43 points.

In turn, Ricardo and Tiago Alves are in 73rd place, with a 26th, with a small penalty, a 19th and a 27th, which they excluded as the worst result, thus continuing with 45 points, in the competition commanded by the Americans Nevin Snow and Maximiliano Agnese, with only two points.

In adapted sailing, which is not part of the Paralympic Games program, the duo Pedro Reis/Guilherme Ribeiro shone and remain in second place, with three points, after a second place and a triumph.

In turn, João Pinto is fourth in Hansa 3030, after fourth and fifth places.

In the morning, the competition took place with light wind, which became medium in its intensity during the afternoon.

These sailing world championships, the first phase of Olympic qualification, started this Friday and bring together around 1,400 athletes from 81 countries in The Hague until August 20th.

The first qualifying phase for Paris’2024 takes place in the capital of Holland, and afterwards there is a period of European play-offs – different dates and places for the different classes -, before a last event, world cup, in France, for the attribution of the last vacancies.

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