September 29, 2023
″Benfica cannot sleep in the shade of the banana tree″

″Benfica cannot sleep in the shade of the banana tree″

Statements by Rui Costa, president of Benfica, at the Liga Portugal Awards gala, which took place at Alfândega do Porto

The president of Benfica, Rui Costa, was proud on Thursday for winning the 38th national football title, won in 2022/23, but guaranteed that the eagles will not fall for easy things, at the Liga Portugal Awards gala.

In the first edition of the Liga Portugal Awards gala, held on Thursday at Alfândega do Porto, Rui Costa received the Champion Award, representing the red emblem, which managed to return to the top of Portuguese football.

“Evidently, for me and for all Benfica fans, winning this 38th national championship is a source of great pride. This club cannot remain asleep in the shade of the banana tree, one of the watchwords at home is that we have no credits and, therefore, the fact that we won last year forces us to want to win again. It is this path that we want to follow so, as Roger (Schmidt) said, we can be here next year again”, he said, in a speech of thanks for the award.

Rui Costa was also invited to compare the pride of achievement as president with the feeling of winning as a player.

“If I didn’t say that I wasn’t very proud of this title, I’d be lying. Winning with my club from being a fan, to a player, to a manager and now as president… from my club, it was a childhood dream. But, as I am a dreamer, there are many more dreams to come true in this house”, he confessed.

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