September 29, 2023
″Defeat with Benfica?  The expulsion of João Mendes conditioned the game a lot″

″Defeat with Benfica? The expulsion of João Mendes conditioned the game a lot″

Statements by Jota Silva, winger of V. Guimarães, at Thinking Football, a League event that takes place in Porto until Saturday

Response to the defeat against Benfica: “The team is fine and preparing for a very important game that we have on Saturday, against Tondela. When we have a less positive result, we just want the next game to arrive to give an answer. Thankfully, we already have a game on Saturday. We are confident and confident. working very well. The defeat against Benfica did not have any impact on the mood of the team, because we know what we want. Mishaps happen along the way. weaknesses our weapons and we tried to beat each other in the best way”

Light support: “The support from the fans is no surprise. They are fantastic. Both at home and away, they are in the habit of making these jokes. And it will continue like this. So, Saturday, Estádio D. Afonso Henriques will be full. everything to win”

Reunion with Tondela: “We were fortunate to play against Tondela in the pre-season and we know they have a good team, very well orientated. We’re going to have difficulties, but we’re well prepared and focused on ourselves. We know what we have to do to win. I hope this one doesn’t be the turning point for Tondela. They will find Vitória at full strength, full of will and wanting to win the game”

Paulo Turra: “It’s good to work with any coach that arrives, because he arrives with new ideas and to help us. We are assimilating the coach’s ideas very well, it is a new process and everything does not happen overnight, but we are on an excellent path We have demonstrated this and we hope to get a victory on Saturday”

Good moment: “I hope this isn’t my peak of form. I hope to give a lot more. I work every day to help the team, be it with goals, assists or if I’m just there to give my best”

League Cup Dream: “We really want this League Cup, a very important competition. It’s no use thinking about winning the competition if we haven’t even reached the group stage. The important thing is Saturday’s game”

Championship: “We are going to consolidate the mister’s ideas, we are going to get better and better and we are going to be more and more of a team. We are going to evolve”

Ambition: “When I have the ball at my feet, I only think about the ball inside the goal (laughs). I try to create something to help the team. It would be a good sign if, whenever I had the ball at my feet, it ended up inside the goal”

Player with the most header goals: “I didn’t know he was the player with the most header goals (and fifth with the most aerial duels won). It’s something I work on and in other seasons I’ve scored a lot of header goals. We work a lot on that aspect, especially on set pieces”

Comparisons with Grealish (Manchester City): “The comparisons are good, because he’s an excellent player. I’m even flattered, because everyone knows the quality he has”

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