September 29, 2023
″I will give my life for these colors″

″I will give my life for these colors″

The Mexican side gave an interview to the blue and white club’s media and took stock of the first days at Invicta

He was a colleague of Marchesin and Uribe. What did they say? “Everyone told me. Marche said he would be happy to join this club. He knows me well and he knows how much I like to work and learn and demonstrate on the pitch that I don’t give up a ball and he likes that about me. He gave me references from the team, which is very large, that the city is magnificent and that the demand is maximum. I come in the best mood.

Layún’s video: “Layún was my teammate in the national team and in América. I learned a lot from him. I am moved by the video he sent me, because I know that he came from the heart and that he wants to see the success of another Mexican here.”

Looking forward to the Dragon debut: “I’m very emotional. The day I signed was emotional. I wore the shirt and I couldn’t stop looking at it, I like the bright colors and you enter the stadium and it’s incredible, huge. I liked it a lot. Before coming here I saw some games and the history and I like it when they put the fans behind the goal, with the posters and the flags, they kill for us. It fills me with motivation and I’m looking forward to the first minutes, I’ll work hard until I earn my place at FC Porto.”

Message to supporters: “I come with the greatest willingness to be a very competitive full-back with a lot of depth, I’m going to give my life for these colors. I’ve always been like that in my career, I have a lot of determination and I infect others with my adrenaline. I like to clean up the moves, I give my all in every move. Have no doubt that I will give my life for these colors”

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