October 1, 2023
″The day before it was presented, they sent me a message…″

″The day before it was presented, they sent me a message…″

The Mexican side gave an interview to the blue and white club’s media and took stock of the first days at Invicta

First days at FC Porto: “I’m very happy to have joined this great team. The Mexicans who were here told me about the greatness of this club and what this shirt represents. I’m aware of what I’m here to do, I’m very happy and I’ll do my best to be able to to achieve what I always want, which is to win titles and championships. I’m enjoying it, the first few days were very good, the people of Porto welcome you with such joy as if they’d known you for years. I personally liked that a lot, I felt at home home, like in Mexico.”

Spa reception: “Many colleagues told me about this and most spoke to me in Spanish and a little Portuguese. I’m making an effort to learn as quickly as possible. They behaved very well with me, the day before I was presented they sent me a message welcoming you and saying that they were available for whatever you needed, in Spanish. That detail for me was very important. I know that I can count on you to support us with everything.”

Sérgio Conceição, training: “You live in a different way, very competitive. Everyone kills each other on the field, everyone wants to play. There is positive and very competitive internal competition and that helps me to be better on and off the field. There is very high competition .

Number 15: “I chose this number with my wife, it’s my son’s birthday. There weren’t many numbers available, but this one was already on the list and it was good. I want to represent it as much as possible and do the best I can. But no matter what number, it matters what you do at the club.”

Jorgie: “I don’t focus on what I have on my back, I come to improve and work, but I want you to know my personal side, since I was a little boy. Since I was a little boy, they call me Jorgie in Mexico, family, friends, people closest to me. It was the name I was used to and I want to feel at home again.”

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