Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Rui Costa highlights economic balance in the message to the partners, when disclosing the Report and Accounts of the last season.

In the usual message included in the Report and Accounts for the 2022/23 season, released on Wednesday night, Rui Costa, president of Benfica, underlined the “sporting success” and “economic balance” achieved.

“It is essential for us, even imperative, to reconcile the strong sporting ambition with the sustainability and solidity of Benfica SAD. And that was achieved”, pointing out the president of the reds that only this balance will be “capable of providing future triumphs”.

“We invested a lot and well, with a remarkable sporting return”, highlighted the director.

Read the message in full:

“Winning is our aim, today and always. In this sense, it is up to us to invest ambitiously while safeguarding the means that guarantee us to be closer to winning, both in the present and in the future. 2022/23 corresponded to the fulfillment of this fundamental premise of the greatness of Sport Lisboa e Benfica and of our mandate. On a sporting level, we celebrated the 38th national title and renewed our presence in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, in the accentuation of the trajectory of international dimension that we have been fighting for.

In direct line with sporting success, we materialized the strategic vision we have for football: an offensive, vibrant and, above all, winning football.

A model capable, equally, of giving opportunities to young players, an ideal matrix for taking advantage of the excellent work carried out at Benfica Campus, attested by the various footballers successfully launched in the first team over the last few years and by the achievements of the UEFA Youth League and the under-20 Intercontinental Cup.

Sports success and economic balance. It is essential for us, even imperative, to reconcile the strong sporting ambition with the sustainability and solidity of Benfica SAD. And that was achieved. Being national champions and being present in the advanced stages of the Champions League is what motivates us every season. The greatness and history of Sport Lisboa e Benfica compels us to do this, as well as the demands of Benfica fans. But always bearing in mind the essential economic balance capable of providing future triumphs.

In 2022/23, we strongly reinforced the squad, which naturally implied investment. We witnessed an increase in operating expenses largely surpassed by the increase in operating revenues, which, excluding the sale of athlete passes, reached the maximum amount in the history of Benfica SAD.

In global terms, the strategy implemented throughout the season allowed Benfica SAD to return to a positive net result, simultaneously with the sporting success achieved. Which allows us to underline another decisive aspect: the reinforcement of equity capital, now almost in line with share capital, assumes a patrimonial situation that is unparalleled in the Portuguese reality and, equally, rarely identified in the international football context. Reason, therefore, for renewed confidence in what is the structural soundness of Benfica SAD.

In summary, we invested a lot and well, with a remarkable sporting return. But this would not have been possible without the Benfica fans. It is only fair, therefore, to underline here the unique contribution of our supporters. During the period under review, we implemented several measures aimed at ensuring an even more ambitious participation in each match at Luz and in supporting our team. The Benfica supporters’ response was remarkable and the numbers speak for themselves: Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica recorded the 16 highest assists in the league. And far from our home it was no different either. The fervent and incessant support of Benfica fans proved to be, as expected, decisive for the title won.

Confidence of our partners and investors – once again underlined in the extraordinary result of the bond loan launched in May – sporting ambition, credibility and financial soundness. These are the structuring elements of Benfica SAD’s management and under which we execute the defined strategy.

It is imperative that this is done every season in order to maximize success given our club’s extraordinary potential.”

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