September 29, 2023
Head of the Atlético-MG organization counters Tiago Leifert and ‘calls’ presenter to fight

Head of the Atlético-MG organization counters Tiago Leifert and ‘calls’ presenter to fight

This Wednesday (6), the former presenter of Globo, Tiago Leifert, detonated the attitude of Josimar Júnior, president of Galoucura, of looking for the striker Eduardo Vargas in a nightclub in the West Zone of Belo Horizonte with the aim of threatening him. it. During his participation on channel “3 na Área”, the journalist stated that the members of the organized crowd who went after the Atlético-MG player should “be beaten by the police and go to jail”.

“It’s not a threat, no. Stay calm. It’s just advice. This boy (Josias Júnior), in fact, is a therapist, a psychologist. He’s giving advice to Vargas. He is a career coach. (…) You have to be arrested. You have to go to jail. Get beaten by the police and go to jail. Gotta put a handcuff on you. And about this ‘we left our family’ thing to threaten Vargas, you’re sick, brother. Mad.

Football is not yours. The Rooster is not yours. ‘Ah, but the Rooster’s money’. It’s not your problem. Get real. These guys are completely sick and nobody notices. You have to expel these guys from the organized crowd. Look at their faces there. It’s the most obvious thing. Dude, what’s going on? (…) The world is crazy. It looks like a movie script. And these guys are not going to be arrested. Nothing will happen”, said Tiago Leifert.

President of Galoucura ‘calls’ Tiago Leifert to fight

Hours later, Josimar Júnior, better known as Josias, decided to speak out. In a video released on social networks, the president of the largest organized crowd of Atlético-MG mocked Tiago Leifert’s statements and ‘called’ the journalist to fight.

“Hey, little girl! I’m going to travel here, you know? Heavy traffic, bad internet, but generally tagging me here about that Tiago Leifert interview. Take the view, for me he just talked about Big Brother and narrated a FIFA game. But hey, buddy, you as a public person, talking about aggression and all? What is that, encouraging violence? You move the public at Globo. You are crazy? Don’t do that, bro, for God’s sake. But get the vision, there are several legal x1 championships going on, exchanging punches, understand? I’ll give you ten punches to the front, since you’re encouraging violence, you p** in the ass! I’ll tag you there, okay? Don’t keep saying gum on the internet”, said Josias.

remember the case

Last Sunday (3), Eduardo Vargas took advantage of the day off and decided to go to a nightclub in the Buritis neighborhood, in Belo Horizonte. However, members of Galoucura found out that the attacker was there and decided to charge him personally. In a matter of minutes, the Chilean learned of the action of the ‘fans’ and managed to leave in time to escape the organization, which recorded a video from the door of the club.

“Every player has the right to live his life and we don’t care if he’s not performing. But this son of a bitch isn’t fixing anything in Galo and he still wants to stay only in cachaça. What does he think Galo’s money is? Here’s the thing for the board: if this guy doesn’t terminate his contract, shit is going to go crazy. And that’s not a threat, no,” shouted Josias.

Eduardo Vargas’ phase at Atlético-MG

Hired in 2020, Eduardo Vargas was an important part of Atlético-MG in the 2021 season, when the club won the Brazilian Championship and the Copa do Brasil. However, in 2023, the striker’s performance dropped sharply. So far, under the command of coaches Eduardo Coudet and Felipão, the Chilean has entered the pitch 31 times, scored just three goals and conceded one assist.

What has irritated most of Galo’s fans are the missed goals and the ‘sleepy’ posture of Vargas on the pitch. It is worth noting that the striker has a contract until December 2024 with the club from Minas Gerais.

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