Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Bruno Rodrigues, one of Cruzeiro’s highlights this season, will remain at the club until the end of the year. Coveted by football in Saudi Arabia, the number 9 had his permanence in Belo Horizonte threatened, but with the closing of the window of the country in the Middle East, this September 7th, the transfer was ruled out at first. The information was anticipated by the journalist Samuel Venancio.

Initially, it was thought that the Saudi window would close on September 20, a date announced by FIFA. Despite the appointment by football’s highest body, the Saudi League and the Saudi Football Federation issued a joint statement, last Monday (4), stating that the transfer period would end today.

— As communicated to clubs in Saudi Arabia on Friday, June 30th, the summer player transfer register for the Roshn Saudi League (Saudi Pro League) closes on Thursday, September 7th. Saudi League and Saudi Football Association, in a statement.

With that, there would be no time for Bruno Rodrigues to transfer to Al-Taawon, from Saudi Arabia, which guarantees the fulfillment of his loan contract with Cruzeiro, which ends at the end of 2023.

Proposal by Bruno Rodrigues

Striker Bruno Rodrigues, 26, received a proposal from Saudi football in mid-July. Al-Taawon offered 4 million euros (R$ 21.5 million at current exchange rates), for 100% of the athlete’s economic rights, to Tombense, the club that owns the player’s transfer. The player would still receive a salary increase in relation to what he receives at Cruzeiro.

To stay permanently with Rodrigues, Cruzeiro, which owns 33% of the athlete’s pass, acquired during his loan, would have to invest a new amount to have the majority of the player’s rights. Despite the possibility of playing in the Middle East, Bruno’s desire would be to continue at Cruzeiro. The striker is very grateful for the opportunity given to him by the Celeste club.

Despite the Saudi proposal and the possibility of Bruno being bought, definitively, by Cruzeiro, both negotiations did not progress and now, with the country’s window in the Middle East — which invested heavily in signing world football stars, such as strikers Neymar , Mané, Benzema and Roberto Firmino — if closing, the player will definitely stay in the starred club until the end of the year.

Player is highlight of Cruzeiro in 2023

Bruno Rodrigues is one of the main offensive highlights of Cruzeiro in 2023. The player is leader of goals and assists in the team in 2023. There were eight balls in the net and six passes to goal in 34 games in the season.

With 14 participations in goals in the year, Bruno is responsible, directly or indirectly, for 40% of Cruzeiro’s goals.

In recent weeks, Bruno Rodrigues’ performance has dropped, as well as that of the Celeste team in general. An injury also hampered the player, who missed a few games, making room for competitors Arthur Gomes and Wesley. Even so, Bruno provided the assist for the goal by Rafael Elias, the Parrot, in the tie on August 19th, against Corinthians. In the last match, the 0-0 draw with RB Bragantino, played on September 3, the number 9 created some chances, but lost others, failing to put Cruzeiro back on the winning path.

Cruzeiro next games

  • 23rd round – Santos x Cruzeiro – 9/13 (Wednesday) – 21:30 – Vila Belmiro
  • 24th round – Fluminense x Cruzeiro – 9/23 (Wednesday) – 9 pm – Maracanã
  • 25th round – Cruzeiro x América-MG – 9/30 (Saturday) – (To be confirmed)
  • 26th round – Cruzeiro x Flamengo – (To be confirmed)
  • 27th round – Cuiabá x Cruzeiro – (To be confirmed)
  • 28th round – Atlético-MG x Cruzeiro – (To be confirmed)

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