September 28, 2023
Striker elects Cruzeiro fans as the best in Brazil

Striker elects Cruzeiro fans as the best in Brazil

The subject “fans” is always controversial in Brazil. Whether the discussion is about size, fidelity in good times and bad, fanaticism and impact on games, the topic is controversial and can lead to heated discussions. After all, as the slogan says “The best team is yours” and, in most cases, the warmest fans, too. But for a player, the answer about which club has the best fans is on the tip of the tongue: Cruzeiro.

In an exclusive interview with trivela and to Vein football, striker Marcelo Moreno, who defends the Bolivian national team — Brazil and Bolivia will play this Friday (8), at 21:45, in Mangueirão, in Belém do Pará, for the first round of the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup — , did not hesitate when answering that Cruzeirenses are the most fanatical fans in Brazil.

— It is logical that when you are an idol, you will feel that the club’s fans are the best in the world. Cruzeiro, for sure, has the best fans in Brazil. There’s no other. For the treatment I received, the affection I receive. When I came back on my last ticket, they were always packed. (The Cruzeirenses) receive me very well in the stadiums, always supporting the team. – said Marcelo Moreno, who has three spells at the celestial club.

And for the striker, who is the greatest foreign scorer in the history of Cruzeiro, with 54 goals scored in his three passages, the club’s moment does not interfere with the support of Cruzeiro.

— Even though the team was going through the worst moment, the fans were there. That, to me, is true fandom. It is not the greater number of fans that counts. It’s the fan who understands the moment, who understands that the player is going through a difficult time, and the fans are there giving the support that the athlete needs – evaluated Marcelo Moreno.

Marcelo Moreno celebrates a goal scored by Cruzeiro in Série B 2021
Marcelo Moreno celebrates a goal scored by Cruzeiro in Série B 2021 – Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro

Identification with Cruise

Marcelo Moreno defended two other teams, in addition to Cruzeiro, in Brazil: Grêmio and Flamengo. Despite loving the two shirts, the top scorer points out that Cruzeiro is the club with which he most identifies.

— It’s Cruzeiro (the team I most identify with). Not that he doesn’t have a great affection for others. I like Grêmio a lot, I like the fans a lot. I live in Porto Alegre, the Gremista fans always remind me of a goal, because I scored many goals for Imortal. I have a great affection for Flamengo, a club that any player wants to play for. But at Cruzeiro I identify with the fan differently – said Marcelo.

According to the player, this special affection was built over time, with several important events that made him eternal in celestial history.

— I earned my respect by winning titles, reaching individual marks, being top scorer in Libertadores. Several things that root my name in the club. My team, for which I have more identification, is Cruzeiro – said Marcelo Moreno.

Marcelo Moreno on Cruzeiro

Marcelo Moreno, who today defends Aucas, from Ecuador, has three spells at Cruzeiro – between 2007 and 2008, in 2014 and between 2020 and 2021 –, where he won two Mineiro Championships (2008 and 2014) and the Brazilian Championship (2014).

Much loved by the fans, the striker had a remarkable last spell at the club, more for what he did off the pitch than on it. The player abandoned a contract worth around R$ 50 million in China to defend a Cruzeiro in a serious financial situation that had just been relegated, in an unprecedented way, to Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

Moreno also lent, without interest, R$ 32.1 million to the club during his passage. The amounts helped the Celeste club to fund operations at the most complicated time in its centenary history.

Marcelo Moreno is in Pará, where he is part of the Bolivia national team that will face Brazil this Friday (8). If he enters the field in this match, the number 9, who on Bolivian soil is called Marcelo Martins, will become the player with the most games for the national team in isolation, with 103 matches. The striker is already the top scorer in the history of his country’s national team, with 30 goals.

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