October 1, 2023
Timão draws goalless in the first Brazilian final match

Timão draws goalless in the first Brazilian final match

Corinthians drew the first final game of the Brazilian Championship goalless this Thursday, in Araraquara, against Ferroviária. The return game will be on Sunday, at 4pm, at Neo Química Arena. Tickets for the match are available at www.ingressoscorinthians.com.br.

On a heavy field, with tall grass and typical heat for the region, Corinthians started the game holding off their opponents’ momentum and, at the same time, trying to escape at speed.

Despite managing to arrive with some danger, mainly due to a disallowed goal by Jheniffer and, later, a ball kicked over the top by Fernanda, Timão did not change the score and left Araraquara with a goalless draw.

Rodrigo Gazzanel/Corinthians Agency

It is also worth highlighting that, in the second stage, referee, Thayslane de Melo Costa, from FIFA, with the approval of VAR, led by Charly Wendy Straub Deretti, also from FIFA, decided not to mark a handball from Moniquinha , inside the area, as well as Lelê’s grab on Diany, also inside the area.

The 2023 Brazilian Championship title will be decided on Sunday, at Neo Química Arena, at 4pm. Neither team will have an advantage in the match, given the final score of the first leg.

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