October 1, 2023
″When I arrived, the League didn’t have money to pay for water, electricity, telephone…″

″When I arrived, the League didn’t have money to pay for water, electricity, telephone…″

Pedro Proença, at the “Thinking Football Summit”, a League event that takes place in Porto until Saturday, explained how the League acts as a central agent for the growth of professional football

Action: “We are a football that generates talent at all times, at all times. A country that has the size and capacity it has in industrial terms, we are simply and with great pride the industry that generates the most talent in the world. The Portuguese they breathe football. It is not by chance that I say that we have the best player in the world, the best agent and, with all conviction, the best referees in the world”.

Third term as president: “I knew that I could only have more than one mandate if I had the best conditions. When I arrived, the League did not have money to pay for water, electricity or telephone. It was necessary to rebuild. The League was 20 years behind in relation to its others, which is why financial stability and recovery was necessary.”

Audiovisual rights: “In 2015, the main axis was the centralization of audiovisual rights. Only Portugal and Cyprus do not have a centralized model. I am concerned about what we have lost in the product by not having it centralized. The advantage is the quality of the product. Today the 90 minutes are no longer useful, the fan wants to know what is happening in the dressing room, what is happening with the players and everyone involved. Centralizing audiovisual rights is fundamental for us. Working for the fan. supporter has to be our focus.”

Competitiveness of teams inside and outside Portugal: “The fact that we have three teams, for the third consecutive year in the Champions League” should have more value and more points in the ranking coefficient compared to the Netherlands, which has the majority of points in the Europa League and Conference League”.

Message: “Football is made of emotions and we are not satisfied with the moment we are going through, but I leave hope. The fan is essential for us to turn the page. There is a group of managers, players and new fans who no longer accept the way things are made. We are a league with talent and we mark the world with talent.”

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