October 1, 2023
Flamengo schedules training game against Carioca’s fourth division champion

Flamengo schedules training game against Carioca’s fourth division champion

Due to the long period without playing, so as not to lose pace, Flamengo scheduled a training game against Zinza FC, champion of the fourth division of the Campeonato Carioca. The duel will be held this Saturday (09), at 10am (Brasília time), at Ninho do Urubu. It is not yet possible to know whether there will be transmission.

In the duel, Rubro-Negro faces an old acquaintance: Renê Simões, who was once a manager at the club and currently leads the Zinza team. According to the coach, the match will serve as much more of a learning experience, as Flamengo is on another level.

— Let’s play against ourselves. Flamengo is from a very different division. I work on their minds like I did on the Jamaican women’s and men’s teams. I follow Nelson Mandela’s example: I never lose. Either I win or I learn. For me to win I need to play with teams that teach. Let’s go to learn. We have no illusions that we will beat Flamengo. Let’s learn from Flamengo. The inner game is to learn. The outside game is with Flamengo — he said, in an interview with ge.

The former Flamengo manager also commented on his expectations of facing Sampaoli’s first team. Despite the high number of stars, Renê Simões stressed that he only has eyes for one: Bruno Henrique. According to the coach, the King of the Classics is Rubro-Negro’s best player.

— Bruno Henrique is fantastic. What a player, man. Flamengo’s big signing for 2023 was Bruno Henrique. Everyone thought he wouldn’t come back after the injury, but he came back really well. It will be a pleasure to meet him for the first time since I said he was at the same technical level as Cristiano Ronaldo — he concluded.

Flamengo schedules training game against Carioca's fourth division champion
Bruno Henrique has been fundamental for Flamengo in 2023 (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF/Sipa USA/Icon Sport)

Relationship between Flamengo and Zinza

Zinza FC is a very new club, founded last year, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t strengthened ties with Flamengo. The team trains at the Zico Football Center, the famous CFZ, which belongs to Galinho de Quintino. The three categories, professional, under-20 and under-17, carry out their activities there.

Furthermore, the entire Zinza delegation, including the coaching staff and athletes, eat two meals at CFZ: breakfast and lunch. The ties between the clubs are undeniable, but, on the field, it will be each one for their own.

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