September 29, 2023
Portugal was the second most purchasing country in the transfer market

Portugal was the second most purchasing country in the transfer market

Portuguese were the fourth best sellers

Portuguese clubs were the second most buyers in the footballer transfer market, only surpassed by the English, and the fourth most sellers, according to a FIFA report released this Friday.

According to the international transfer report, regarding the transfer period between June 1st and September 1st, the Portuguese teams signed 400 players, a figure only surpassed by the English teams (449), and far behind the Brazilian teams (340). ), third on the list.

This purchasing volume also corresponds to a significant number of departures (428), which place the Portuguese First League in fourth place among sellers, behind, once again, England (514), but also Brazil (455), second in this ranking. chapter, and from Spain (432).

In this accounting, Saudi Arabia is the big news, with 201 players signed, which places it in 11th place among buyers – against 106 footballers sold, 26th in the world in this ranking -, with this Asian country standing out much more in the amounts spent than in the quantity.

The 875.4 million dollars (around 818 million euros, ME) places Saudi Arabia in second place in the most expensive championships, also behind the almighty England with almost two billion dollars invested (1,980 million dollars, approximately 1,850 ME).

However, the Premier League secured a return of 956.2 million dollars (893 ME), the second highest in the summer of 2023, only surpassed by Germany, with revenues of 1,100 million dollars (1,030 ME), which represented more 15% of the amounts received in transfers during this period.

In this chapter, the 15.7 million dollars (14.7 ME) received by the Arab clubs attest to the buying tendency of this candidate for the emerging League, with only the 34th total income in the world.

After being the fifth highest earner, in the summer of 2022, according to the same report, with 350 million dollars (327 ME at the current exchange rate), Portugal dropped to seventh place, with 312.3 million dollars collected (292 ME).

In addition to England and Germany, the I League was behind France, third (887.8 million dollars), Italy, fourth (886 million dollars) – seventh in 2022 -, Spain, fifth (558.8 million dollars) , and the Netherlands (411.3 million dollars), sixth.

In investments, Portugal remains the eighth biggest spender, with 216.4 million dollars (202.2 ME).

This annual FIFA report confirms an increase of 2.2% in the number of transfers and 47.2% in the values ​​involved in these transactions in the men’s transfer market, and 19.1% and 140.8% in the women’s transfer market, respectively.

In men’s football, the body that governs world football registered 10,125 transfers, a new record – surpassing the 9,906 in 2022 -, for a total of 7.36 million dollars moved (approximately 6.88 thousand ME), 45% more than the 5.8 million dollars from the previous maximum, which dated back to 2019.

Commissions paid to agents also broke the previous record, for a total of 696.6 million dollars (650.8 ME), surpassing the 536.2 million dollars in 2019. In 2022, entrepreneurs earned 494.5 million dollars.

The majority of players transferred were without a contract (56.6%), a value well above those who were transferred permanently (19.3%), on loan (12.7%) or returning after transfer (11.5 %).

For women, there were 829 transfers, 19.1% more than last year, with the amounts charged doubling, for a total of three million dollars (2.8 ME).

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