September 29, 2023
Sporting SAD closes 2022/23 with a positive net result: check the numbers

Sporting SAD closes 2022/23 with a positive net result: check the numbers



Leo emblem revealed the Report and Accounts for 2022/23. Positive net result of 25.2 million euros

Sporting’s SAD closed the 2022/23 economic year with a positive net result of 25.2 million euros, “recording the second best accumulated result of the last 10 years in two consecutive years”, according to the Report and Accounts published this Friday Monday at CMVM. The company also returned to positive equity, amounting to 8.9 million euros, something that had not happened since 2016/17, and was even the highest since June 2006.

The Leonine emblem’s SAD recorded a turnover of 222 million euros, the highest ever, resulting from “the consistent growth in operating revenues without player transactions” (ticket office – best result ever with revenue of 19.6 million euros ; merchandising business – best result ever with a turnover of 9.2 million euros) and the “increase in results from player transactions by 22.7 million euros, resulting from the also growing appreciation of Sporting’s men’s football squad “.

Also noteworthy is the reduction in liabilities by 27.4 million euros, “maintaining the downward trajectory that had been interrupted by Covid-19”, and the “reinforcement of participation in SAD, by Sporting, from 63.8 percent to 83.9 percent, through the conversion of VMOC into SAD shares, thus materializing the increase in share capital from 67 million euros to 150.6 million euros”.

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