Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Closed since June 22nd, São Januário received an inspection from the Public Ministry, in joint action with the Rio Fire Department, this Friday morning (08). This action is part of the Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC), under analysis after Vasco presents a proposal to the MP. The objective is to return the public to the stadium.

Firefighters were present to identify possible failures in the fire system and rushes at the site. With everything normal, the expectation is that the inspection will move into more acute phases, with the aim that the stadium returns to activity as quickly as possible. Behind the scenes, Vasco creates expectations for the release, and a new meeting will be held next week, to seal peace.

Vasco: Public Ministry and Firefighters carry out inspection in São Januário
São Januário remains banned by the Rio de Janeiro Courts (Photo: Disclosure/Vasco)

How were the meetings between Vasco and MP?

During meetings, the Vasco presented a series of improvements in São Januário: increase in the number of turnstiles; increased usable space when accessing turnstiles; adjust the opening of the gates for the exit direction; increase in the number of cameras inside the stadium; facial recognition at turnstiles.

The measures were considered satisfactory by the MP, but the Attorney General, Luciano Mattos, confirmed that he wants to hear from all the bodies involved to arrange the release. Therefore, Vasco’s expectations of achieving their goal were frustrated, but, as mentioned, everything should be confirmed next week.

— Today (Wednesday) was the first meeting, we are getting to know the process, Vasco presented some initiatives. It is important to deepen the analysis and, before making a decision, listen to the public bodies involved. The issue of security in stadiums has been our concern for a long time — he said, before adding:

— In relation to São Januário, the object is the grounds for the action, and what we assess is what measures should be adopted in accordance with the request contained in the action. The main ones are internal security measures, such as facial recognition, greater monitoring within and around the area, measures that can contribute to the operation of the Military Police and other bodies — he analyzed.

The next action to free São Januário will feature guests from the remaining bodies. They are: Military Police, Civil Police, Civil Defense, Rio City Hall and Rio State Football Federation.

— Let’s take a more detailed look at this proposal. We believe that we are moving forward in a positive direction towards the conclusion of this term of commitment. Our expectation is that next week we will hold a new meeting with the presence of public bodies and the federation, to learn about the terms of the proposal — concluded Mattos, after the first meeting.

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