October 1, 2023
″Entry to Al Musrati?  It was my choice, we needed more people in the area″

″Entry to Al Musrati? It was my choice, we needed more people in the area″

Writing with Lusa


Statements by Artur Jorge, Braga coach, after the victory over Moreirense (3-2), achieved in the added time, in a delayed game of the third round

Analysis: “This is a victory that is essentially worth it, for the victory. It is a victory entirely for the players, we were and are aware, like the players, that what we did in the first half was very far from what Braga’s identity is. “

Halftime conversation: “At half-time we had the ability to play where it was needed to have passion, soul and ability to overcome to go after the result that interested us, a victory. It’s worth the three points, we could have done more over the 90 minutes.”

Competitive team: “In the first half we were a very apathetic team, even though we scored the goal and were ahead. There was a need to be able to change that, so that the team became more competitive. This is the Braga that I fall in love with, that fights until the last minute to win, and winning has to be in our mind every minute of the game. Only in this way do we take three points from here, we manage to overcome ourselves and get a result that until a few minutes from the end was not favorable.”

Al Musrati Entrance: “It was my option, we needed more people in the area, because we knew we had people in the corridors with the ability to place the ball in the area. Al Musrati was further back at a stage in which we needed more criteria. We felt the need to have more people with the ability physicality and ability in the aerial game.”

You can never turn it off: “The important thing is that we managed to send the message that in Braga the demands are always maximum and we cannot disconnect at any time.”

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