September 29, 2023
″For me things start when I arrive″

″For me things start when I arrive″

Statements by Roger Schmidt, Benfica coach, at the “Thinking Football Summit”, a League event that ends this Saturday, in Porto

Award for best coach in the League: “I’m very happy to win this award, as I said, football is a team sport, thank you on behalf of Benfica, my players, the staff. I’m very happy.”

What league games did you watch before signing for Benfica to define the game plan at Luz? “To be honest, not many, because when I decided early last year to end my relationship with PSV and start a new challenge, there was talk of Benfica being a good option. Of course, then I started watching some games, some from the Champions League and some from the Portuguese League, to get a little idea of ​​the players, what squad they had. But in the end that time wasn’t very important for me. I had already done it a few times in the past when I started working at new clubs, it’s not very important before I arrive. For me things start when I arrive. I have an idea of ​​the game, but I’m very open and try to adjust a little to the club’s culture and the club’s key players. The time before is not very important for me, that’s why I didn’t watch all the games. I was focused on preparing the season and starting from scratch. For the players it’s a good moment, after all they have a new opportunity. Some players developed very well, with a new approach to the game.”

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