September 28, 2023
″It’s like being in first class…″

″It’s like being in first class…″

The goalkeeper intends to accelerate integration into the club and the country, but recognizes difficulties. “It’s like being in first class,” he says

Newly arrived at Benfica, Trubin is dedicated to accelerating his adaptation to the new club and country. To do this, he assumes that he is already taking Portuguese classes.

“The faster you learn the better, understanding the culture and mentality better is very important. Everyone at the club understands English, but I want to learn to speak Portuguese out of self-interest. Everyone on the pitch understands English, but everyone still speaks Portuguese, that’s why it’s very important. Now everything is very, very difficult, these are the first lessons. It takes time, step by step to improve and start communicating”, he says in an interview with the Vzbirna channel.

“I haven’t studied any language other than English, it’s something new for me, it’s like I’m in first class, they explain everything to me, there’s no other way. Vowels, accents, everything has to be studied”, he confesses.

Trubin is already aware of the responsibility of representing Benfica. “It’s a club where there is always pressure, because it has big goals and always aims to win every game and trophies every year. It’s very similar to Shakhtar because only victory matters. A defeat is a failure and that’s why we always have to win, that’s what everyone tells me”, he explains, highlighting the strength of the red fans:

“If I’m not mistaken, there are 11 million inhabitants in Portugal and six million are from Benfica. That’s why in away games, like with Gil Vicente, the entire stadium is full. It was my first away game and I asked if it always happened , they told me that in 80 percent of the games. Because there are FC Porto and Sporting and other clubs that are not so popular. Benfica fans fill all the stadiums and it’s as if we were playing at home.”

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