September 29, 2023
Bah practically out of Benfica’s trip to Vizela

Bah practically out of Benfica’s trip to Vizela

The winger suffered an injury to his left foot while playing for Denmark and despite a re-evaluation being scheduled, he is almost certainly out of Roger Schmidt’s deck for the 16th.

Bah is practically out of Roger Schmidt’s account for the away meeting with Vizela, on the 16th, on Benfica’s return to the championship.

The right-back returned to Portugal with an injury to his left foot, suffered while playing for Denmark, the team from which he was released after failing the first match due to the complaints presented, and after an initial assessment the signs are not positive for the Eagles. This is because the extent of the trauma should not allow Benfica’s number 6 to recover in time for the challenge in Vizela.

The defender will also be subject to a new evaluation, even though the Eagles’ clinical department is not confident in a change of scenario. Therefore, Roger Schmidt will have to launch a new right-back in 2023/24, as Bah was a starter in the first five games. João Victor is a possibility, as is Aursnes’ move to the right.

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