Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

This Sunday morning (10), one of the most talked about topics on Twitter was the possibility of signing Bitello, a young promise from Grêmio, by Dynamo Moscow, from Russia. According to information from the Soccer News Grêmio page, the European team would have offered ten million euros (approximately R$53 million reais at the current price). According to the post made by the page, Tricolor would have accepted the offer, with this, the club from Rio Grande do Sul would keep 70% of the value of the negotiation, while the other 30% would go to Cascavel, the association that designed it for Brazilian football.

Bitello was an important part of the Grêmio team last season, when the team from Rio Grande do Sul gained access to Series A of the Brazilian Championship. This year. Despite not being in such a good phase, the player continues to have interesting numbers, and is still coach Renato Gaúcho’s trusted man. Over 42 games played in 2023, the attacking midfielder scored eight goals and provided five assists.

Grêmio fans are divided over the possibility of selling Bitello

On Twitter, Grêmio fans spoke out about the news involving Bitello’s possible departure to Dinamo Moscow. For many fans, the value of ten million Euros offered by the player does not do justice to what the athlete has been presenting at Tricolor since last season. For most internet users, a fair price for acquiring the midfielder would be around 15 million euros (approximately R$80 million reais).

Another part of the Grêmio fans believes that the player has not presented the same football that accredited him as a great player last season, and therefore, should be sold to European football. In this way, opening up space on the club’s salary list, and opening up the possibility for new players to be hired for the next season.

Dinamo Moscow board tries to convince Bitello to leave Grêmio

As reported by Soccer News Grêmio, one of the impediments to Bitello’s departure for Russian football is the league’s lack of visibility internationally, which would be worked on by the European team’s staff with the athlete, and their representatives, so that the negotiation is successful. Needing money to remain competitive in the market, Tricolor even denied a proposal from Feyenoord. At the time, the player was interested in the Dutch club’s proposal, but the offer did not please the Brazilian team’s management.

Therefore, it remains to be seen how the negotiations will go from now on to find out whether or not Bitello will leave Grêmio, heading to European football. The player is with the Brazilian Olympic Team, which is preparing in Morocco.

What is Grêmio’s situation in the Brazilian Championship?

In 3rd place in the Brasileirão, with 39 points, Tricolor beat Cuiabá in the last round of the competition, at home, by a score of 2 x 0, and remained firmly among the top four. This was the second consecutive victory for Imortal, who in the previous round had already beaten Cruzeiro, 3 x 0, playing in Porto Alegre. With the FIFA Data pause, the team from Rio Grande do Sul is preparing for the next challenge within the Brazilian Championship.

On September 14th, Thursday, Renato Gaúcho’s men will face RB Bragantino, away from home. The game is scheduled to take place at the Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium, in Bragança Paulista, at 9:30 pm (Brasília time).

Grêmio’s next games

RB Bragantino x Grêmio, Brasileirão Série A, Bragança Paulista-SP – September 13th (Wednesday), at 7pm (Brasília time);

Grêmio x Palmeiras, Brasileirão Série A, Porto Alegre-RS – September 21st (Thursday), at 9:30 pm (Brasília time).

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