October 1, 2023
Supernatural?  Fluminense fans go crazy with the president’s report on Diniz

Supernatural? Fluminense fans go crazy with the president’s report on Diniz

For those who believe, certain things in our lives can happen and work out through a greater force that governs our trajectory. And according to a report made by the president of Fluminense on ESPN’s Bola da Vez program, the supernatural seems to have acted so that Fernando Diniz returned to command the club, to do a job that could culminate in the Libertadores da América title this season.

The first stint of the current coach of Tricolor and the Brazilian team took place in 2019, and until his return to the Rio team, the coach spent time at other clubs, with the biggest highlight being his time at São Paulo between 2019 and 2021. During this period, Mario Bittencourt confessed that he talked a lot about football with Diniz, and that in 2022, he had the coach as a name to bring to the club, after Abel Braga’s departure. What Fluminense’s current manager didn’t know was that Diniz also sensed that he should return to the Laranjeiras team.

In an emotional report, Bittencourt stated that everything conspired in favor of Fernando Diniz’s return to Fluminense’s technical command, from the president’s own thoughts, to the feelings of his wife, who little knew that the president had the coach as his favorite name for take over the position.

“Man, it was really funny, he (Diniz) sent me a message saying: Look, I’ve never done this in my life, I’ve never sent a message to anyone like that. But I wanted to tell you that finally, something from beyond, spiritual and so on, is telling me that it was time to send you a message, because I think I prepared myself all this time abroad to return to Fluminense and make a great work,” said Bittencourt.

Fluminense fans are shocked by the president’s statement

One of the most talked about topics this Sunday morning (10) on Twitter was Bittencourt’s statement about the “supernatural coincidence” that brought Diniz back to the Fluminense team in 2022. For many fans, this strong story could even be used in a documentary in the case of the Libertadores title, or should be used as a source of motivation for athletes to seek Eternal Glory. It is worth remembering that the final of the main continental competition in South America is scheduled to take place at the Maracanã Stadium, on November 4th.

Remember the last time Fluminense was in the Libertadores semi-final

Tricolor Carioca is in the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores da América after beating Olímpia from Paraguay in the quarter-finals of the competition. The opponent of coach Fernando Diniz’s team will be Internacional de Porto Alegre, who beat Bolívar in the previous phase. With this, the Laranjeiras team is close to repeating the same campaign as in 2008, when coached by Renato Gaúcho, it reached the big decision of the competition, being surpassed by LDU in the final.

In that year’s semi-final, Fluminense’s opponent was none other than Boca Juniors, led by Riquelme Palacio and Palermo, who the previous year had won the Libertadores against Grêmio led by Mano Menezes. In Argentina, Thiago Neves and Thiago Silva scored for Fluzão in a 2 x 2 draw, and at Maracanã, in a brilliant performance by the Brazilian team, a 3 x 1 victory against the Xeneize team, and guaranteed classification for the final.

The Tricolor Carioca fans are hopeful, especially after the repercussion of this strong report from their president, and eagerly await the opportunity to compete once again in the Libertadores final, and who knows, be able to climb another step, conquering the continental competition in an unprecedented way in its history.

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