September 29, 2023
″I wasn’t happy at Benfica and they let me leave″

″I wasn’t happy at Benfica and they let me leave″

INTERVIEW, PART II – Forward did not adapt to Lisbon and returned to the North to represent FC Porto, where he only played for one year. Returning to Boavista, he was happy again and, this season, gained space as a starter.

Born in Espinho, Tiago Morais began his still short career at Arcozelo, a club in Vila Nova de Gaia, where he spent three seasons. 10 years ago, at the start of the 2013/14 season, he was invited by Boavista and moved to Bessa. He stayed until 2017 and received, at that time, an invitation to represent Benfica. He traveled with weapons and luggage to Seixal, settling in the Reds’ training center: he scored seven goals in 14 games for the C juniors.

The adaptation was not easy and he asked to leave, amicably terminating the contract. Returning to the North, he transferred to FC Porto, but only played for Padroense, a kind of satellite team for the Dragons. He scored three goals in 13 games, but at the end of the season, he returned to Boavista, the club with which he has a contract until 2026.

How do you make the jump from Arcozelo to Boavista?
-It was Mister Germano who picked me up from Arcozelo. He is even now working with us on the main team. He was nine or ten years old. He played from midfield forward, without a fixed position.

And how was your time at Benfica?
-I was at Benfica for a year and lived at the club’s academy, in Seixal. At the time I had more time on my contract, but I wasn’t happy and they let me leave and return to Boavista.

What failed?
-At that time, I was still very young, but I grew there as a player and as a person. It was a huge learning experience.

He was also at FC Porto, but only for a year. Why?
-It was under-16 and we played for Padroense. I had a muscle injury and that hurt me. It wasn’t a spectacular year, but it was important. In the end, I returned home and felt good again.

In the last game for Padroense he scored and so did Martim Tavares. Interestingly, they now play for Boavista…
-I’ve known Martim for a long time. He is a player with a lot of quality.

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