Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

After Grêmio’s 2-0 victory over Cuiabá, in the last round of Series A of the Brazilian Championship, speculation increased about the possible arrival of Deyverson, Dourado’s center forward, to Tricolor Gaúcho in 2024. The Grêmio team is keeping an eye on in the market already thinking about a replacement for Luis Suárez, who will leave the club at the end of the season.

One of the assets for Grêmio to sign Deyverson could be Rodrigo Ely. Both were teammates at Alavés, in Spain, and became personal friends. The defender is even the best man at the center forward’s wedding. With their families together, the two had coffee in the afternoon after the match at the Arena.

Deyverson at Grêmio?  Rodrigo Ely hopes it works

— I have a very good relationship with Deyvinho. I’m his best man at his wedding. I helped him, and he also helped me a lot back in Spain, when we played together. I hope he comes to help us. We don’t know in football what can happen. But he is a person who has a huge heart, he has been scoring a lot of goals. He is a guy who works hard, who gives a lot to the cause. I hope it works out. But we don’t know, he has a contract with Cuiabá. Let’s see what will happen — commented Ely at a press conference this Tuesday.

Separate show behind the scenes at Arena do Grêmio

Deyverson caught attention at Arena do Grêmio not so much for his performance on the field, but for his attitudes off it. The center forward was praised by Grêmio supporters on social media for the affection given to the children who would enter the pitch with the Tricolor Gaúcho players.

There were also moments of irreverence and braggadocio, as usual. Deyverson interrupted an interview in the mixed zone after the game to answer his wife on the phone. And he even performed a prayer for a child.

Asked about the possibility of playing for Grêmio, the center forward revealed that several fans send him messages. But he stressed that it depends on the tricolor president, Alberto Guerra.

Deyverson’s situation in Cuiabá

This season, Deyverson has 13 goals in 30 games for Cuiabá. Eight of them were in the Brazilian Championship.

The contract with Dourado runs until the end of 2024. The termination fine is 5 million dollars (R$ 24.7 million).

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