October 1, 2023
Geny Catamo returns to work at Sporting

Geny Catamo returns to work at Sporting

The Mozambican striker has already joined the Academy, after being on his country’s national team.

After two days off, the Sporting team returned to work in Alcochete. Geny Catamo, who played for the Mozambique national team, was the main novelty. In preparation for the meeting, against Moreirense, on Sunday, at 8:30 pm, Rúben Amorim called on several young people from the team. Namely: Guilherme Pires, Diogo Cabral, Alexandre Brito, Chico Lamba, Diogo Abreu, Francisco Canário, Pedro Silva, Pedro Bondo, Vando Félix and Tiago Ferreira.

On Wednesday, at 10 am, the squad returns to the gym to continue preparing for the match against Moreira de Cónegos’ team.

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