September 29, 2023
São Paulo: President Julio Casares ‘evades’ question about tickets and irritates fans

São Paulo: President Julio Casares ‘evades’ question about tickets and irritates fans

Last Monday night (11), the president of São Paulo, Julio Casares, was on the interview program Roda Viva, on TV Cultura. In one of his several controversial speeches, the executive was unable to answer how long the contract with Total Acesso would last, a ticket platform constantly criticized for its failures and technical problems. The tricolor president’s response irritated the fans who followed the interview.

The president put different contexts in his speech, from possible FIFA “transfer bans” for financial reasons when he took office to the implementation of compliance at the club. Reiterating the question about the platform, the manager explained that there is no deadline for ending the contract and that he will continue with the company next year.

– Contract (with Total Acesso) still runs until next year, but this is all being reviewed. I set a deadline, I will not commit this irresponsibility. It is a priority to improve this system. And we will listen mainly to people in the sector – he said.

Casares’ way of communicating bothered the fans. According to the Tricolores, the president of São Paulo acts like a politician in his responses and is unable to respond objectively, avoiding questions and “winding things up”. Fans also brought frustrated experiences with Total Acesso to prove the flaws in the platform.

Casares does not want to talk about Total Access in São Paulo, but criticized Adidas

Just like Total Acesso, the sports equipment supplier Adidas has a contract with São Paulo, which, on the other hand, until the end of the year. The representative, despite not wanting to get into the merits of the ticket sales platform, did not have the same attitude towards those who create their uniforms.

– Adidas is a global brand, but unfortunately it has had terrible failures and this is one of them (about problems with the launch of the number 3 shirt). (…) The contract ends at the end of the year and we are in the market and very advanced with a great brand. We have to have a brand with international resonance that thinks about São Paulo. In a Pink October shirt, for example, the brand cannot make the same shirt for other clubs it sponsors and only change details. I want a visual identity – criticized the president.

The new supplier will probably be New Balance, which sponsors Red Bull Bragantino.

Manager praised the management of rivals Corinthians and Santos

In the same interview, Julio Casares praised and compared the management of Palmeiras, led by president Leila Pereira, champion of everything at the club, with that of rivals Corinthians (Dulio Monteiro Alves) and Santos (Andrés Ruedas). The leaders of the São Paulo black and white teams are extremely criticized for the situation experienced by their respective clubs.

In Itaquera, Duilio will finish his term at the end of the year and so far he has not won titles. In the team from the coast of São Paulo, the scenario is also without cups and with Rueda leaving at the end of the season, but the most worrying are the debts and the following years fighting for relegation in the Brasileirão and, sometimes, even in the Campeonato Paulista. At this moment, Santos is part of the Z4 of the national championship.

Casares’ praise was also criticized by São Paulo residents and mocked, given that, for those who support the Morumbi club, the management of Corinthians and Santos can be considered good.

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