October 1, 2023
″If Taremi is a cheater, that applies just as much to him as it does to Rafa or Pote″

″If Taremi is a cheater, that applies just as much to him as it does to Rafa or Pote″

Vítor Murta, president of Boavista, on Podcast Axadrezado, a platform for disseminating issues related to the club.

Chidozie: “Chidozie is a great player, but we didn’t have the capacity for that deal (bought from FC Porto for five million euros).”

Petit is the best coach in Boavista’s history: “With all the respect I have for José Maria Pedroto, Manuel José and Jaime Pacheco, Petit, with the conditions he has, is the best coach in the history of Boavista. With the team that Jaime Pacheco had, Petit was national champion . He’s doing an excellent job. And, for me, the best president of Boavista ever is Major Valentim Loureiro. Boavista is an invention of the major. He didn’t want to be champion. If he wanted to, he would have been. We have to reflect on whether we are not paying the price of having been champions. Could we, at that time, pay what we paid to the players? And we are paying the price of the stadium we have. No one saw the hole we were heading towards. Every month We are paying for that. We pay 80 thousand euros a month for insurance alone, 34 thousand euros for water and 30 thousand euros for electricity. Nobody wants to know, they just want to know if the ball goes in.”

Taremi: “If Taremi is a cheat in throwing himself on the ground, he’s a cheat, but that’s as true for him as it is for Rafa or Pote. I don’t care about FC Porto or Benfica. I even have a closer relationship with other presidents than with Pinto da Costa, which is natural due to age. Pinto da Costa won what he won, but the greatest president of all time (in Portuguese football) is Major Valentim Loureiro. He gave every beating to Pinto da Costa and to Pimenta Machado…”

FC Porto: “I don’t like FC Porto. One of the photos I have on my cell phone is my son scoring a goal against FC Porto. We know what we suffer from being here with them, but what am I going to do, headbutt them? No It doesn’t make any sense.”

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