October 1, 2023
″It shows more disrespect for the referees than what they accuse me of″

″It shows more disrespect for the referees than what they accuse me of″



The forward commented on the statement that Sporting issued after FC Porto-Arouca and also spoke about the criticism he received from Carlos Xavier.

Mehdi Taremi publicly commented on the words addressed to him by Carlos Xavier, former Sporting player, explaining that he did not care about the criticism he received and that, therefore, he chose not to issue any statement in his personal name, leaving this work to the Iranian Football Federation, since, in the striker’s opinion, it was a “racist insult against the Iranian people” and not just against the player.

“Carlos Xavier said things that were related to nationality and not just to me. The federation asked me if I would like to make a statement against him and I told them that it didn’t matter to me and that I would do my job. Like statements had a national aspect, I told the federation to respond if it wanted, because this was a racist insult against the Iranian people”, he said after the victory (4-0) over Angola, on Tuesday, in a private game in which he scored two goals.

Afterwards, Taremi also spoke about Sporting’s criticism, directed shortly after at FC Porto-Arouca (1-1), a game marked by controversy with VAR.

“Sporting is disrespecting the referees with those words (communicated after FC Porto-Arouca), because there is VAR and they (the referee team) made the decision. When that happens, then it is because there is certainly something that made them make that decision. I think Sporting shows more disrespect for the referees than what they accuse me of. I see this as motivation and I try to respond with my goals”, said the FC Porto player, quoted by the local press.

It should be remembered that the Iranian Football Federation reacted to the words of Carlos Xavier, who also apologized for what he said on a Sporting TV program.

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