October 1, 2023
″Pedro Malheiro has a bright future ahead of him″

″Pedro Malheiro has a bright future ahead of him″

The full-back has been in great shape, and with fine aim, something that doesn’t surprise Filipe Bastos, currently at Espinho, who shared training with the Boavista player; Filipe Bastos was on the field when Pedro Malheiro scored the last goal for Boavista, then in the under-19s, before moving up to the seniors. In a gust, this year, he has already won twice, and with convincing displays.

Now playing for Espinho, Filipe Bastos was Malheiro’s colleague at Boavista for many years, often cohabiting on the right wing. The current full-back of the chess team was, then, a winger with his eyes on goal, a tune recovered this season with his goals against Casa Pia and Estoril. The former partner at Bessa is an enthusiast of Malheiro’s moment. “This statement from him comes from his example in terms of work. In training and outside of training, he takes care of himself, rests and is reaping the fruits of his commitment, which already comes from training. In addition to his quality, overcoming has come above. There is also persistence at an early stage, as he waited for the right time to have the opportunity and make the most of it”, praises Filipe Bastos, a Sports Science student in Porto. He warmly applauds Pedro Malheiro’s first goals as a senior, after having been on the field when he last scored for Boavista, in the under-19s, in Chaves (2019/20).

“In training, he was a winger and had an eye for goal, he played in an advanced position, was closer to the goal and showed the quality of finishing and deciding well” he explains, believing that this goalscoring inspiration is here to stay.

“I remember an under-17 game in Coimbra, against Académica. He came on at half-time and scored two goals. There’s a move, in a move he’d like to make, he pulls it in and shoots Robben, going in. to the second post. An incredible technical gesture. He also scored goals from free kicks”, he rewinds, identifying a collection of learned virtues. “The fact that he played in different positions was very advantageous. Today he does things that he did as a midfielder or as a winger, he has acquired several behaviors that he imposes on the game with this basic versatility”, bows Filipe Bastos.

“The changes I see in him come from being very adaptable and always consistent. He’s strong defensively, he can carry the ball to the attack and find effective solutions. Overall, I think he’s improved a lot with his crosses and his definition in the final third”, describes the Espinho winger, proud to see checkered on the track of a major transfer. “It’s positive to see him associated with big clubs. I’m very happy for him, I know what he does to progress and be better every day. He’s one hundred percent focused on Boavista’s goals, his mentality, regardless of where he is, It’s always about giving your best. You have a bright future ahead of you”, highlights Filipe Bastos, also boasting the form of being one of the most feline panthers in the league leader, on equal terms with FC Porto and Sporting.

“He is someone with many qualities, very funny, who likes to make jokes. He has a good-humored side but also a strong personality. He is not one to boast but he expresses confidence in himself and reveals this on the field”, concludes Filipe Bastos.

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