September 29, 2023
More than two thousand dragons support FC Porto in Amadora

More than two thousand dragons support FC Porto in Amadora



Tickets received for Friday’s game have already sold out. Premiere in the Champions League will be able to count on three thousand blue and white players.

The status of visitors in the next games should not prevent FC Porto from counting on massive support against Estrela da Amadora, for the championship, and Shakhtar Donetsk, for the Champions League. On the contrary. The two thousand tickets received for Friday’s Reboleira meeting sold out within a few hours, but everything points to fans taking advantage of the League’s partnership with a hypermarket chain to purchase a few more.

For the clash in the millionaire league, which will take place in Hamburg (Germany), on Tuesday, the dragons were entitled to three thousand tickets, at a unit price of 44 euros. The number of Porto fans at the Volksparkstadion, however, could be higher, as there are many emigrants in Germany and neighboring countries, leading to a demand for the venue where the Ukrainians will play at home.

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