September 29, 2023
Palmeiras: Leila Pereira takes drastic action against members of Mancha Verde

Palmeiras: Leila Pereira takes drastic action against members of Mancha Verde

President of Palmeiras, Leila Pereira decided to act and took drastic action after receiving threats from three members of Mancha Verde, the club’s main organized fan base. This Wednesday (13), the representative obtained a protective measure in court against the trio.

On June 29, 2023, Palmeiras fans, dissatisfied with Leila Pereira’s governance model, held a protest at the door of the president’s company. During the live broadcast of the demonstration, three fake profiles threatened the physical integrity of the representative.

It is worth noting that after the episode, Leila was the target of new protests from Palmeiras fans, as before the match against Fortaleza, at Allianz Parque, for the Brazilian Championship, on July 22nd. The main criticism directed at the president is the lack of reinforcements in the current season, in addition to the high ticket prices.

What does the court decision say?

Responsible for the case, judge Fabrício Reali Zia determined that the president of Mancha Alviverde, Jorge Luis Sampaio Santos, and the vice-presidents of the fans, Thiago Melo, “Pato Roko”, and Felipe de Mattos, known as Fezinho, are prohibited from have personal or virtual contact with Leila Pereira.

The three fans will have to maintain a minimum distance of 300 meters from the president’s work environment or home. If these orders are not complied with, the trio could be arrested, according to the judge. In the sentence, Fabrício Reali points out that the virtual broadcast of the protest was intended to generate a wave of hatred against Leila.

“It is observed that the main representative of the Palmeiras fans posted the aforementioned act without their profiles and, according to the victim, used the protest to promote themselves on their social networks, thereby reaching thousands of people and interactions. Such interactions had content such as:

  • “We have to shoot Leila”
  • “If you give me a gun, I’ll kill Leila”
  • “I’m going to appear in the newspapers for ordering Leila’s death”
  • “Isn’t it possible to use violence to charge Leila?”
  • “Leila should be beaten with iron bars”
  • “Flower crown for Leila”
  • “We have to break Crefisa’s headquarters”
Palmeiras: Leila Pereira takes drastic action against members of Mancha Verde
Mancha Verde, Palmeiras’ main team, in the club’s game at Allianz Parque (Photo: Icon Sport)

Stain manifests itself through official note

“It is with perplexity that Mancha Alvi Verde has just learned of the information, published by some media outlets, that an alleged protective measure of removal had been issued against three of its directors.

To date, neither the entity nor its directors have been officially notified of any legal measure, and it is surprising that the press has had access to such information even before those directly involved.

If effectively notified of such a decision, the entity will respond accordingly.

Just based on the content of the articles published by the media, it is necessary to clarify that Mancha Alvi Verde has always demonstrated itself peacefully and absolutely within constitutional legality, with no type of threat coming from its leaders or associates against anyone.

The aforementioned protest mentioned in the reports was even accompanied by area police (3 vehicles) and a broadcast team from the program Jogo Aberto, on TV Bandeirantes. At the time, it is worth noting that one of the program members praised the peaceful nature of the demonstration.

Finally, Mancha Alvi Verde reiterates institutional respect for the position of president of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras and repudiates any offensive or threatening mention against its occupant. Any excesses committed on social media are beyond the control of the fans, and those responsible for the alleged threats must be identified and prosecuted in accordance with the law.”

War between Leila Pereira and Mancha Verde is old

The bad relationship between Leila Pereira and Mancha Verde is not new. Last year, the two parties cut ties and since then everything has gotten worse. One of the president’s companies sponsored the organized fans at Carnival and helped finance caravans to matches in other states. With the breakup, the president stopped carrying out such actions.

Although Palmeiras continues to accumulate victories and win titles on the field, Mancha Verde and part of the club’s fans do not approve of Leila Pereira’s management. As mentioned, the lack of reinforcements amid the departure of important players, such as Danilo and Gustavo Scarpa, did not go down well with Alviverde fans.

Recently, the president purchased a plane to be made available to Palmeiras on trips to South America, with the aim of reducing the club’s expenses on charter flights and improving logistics and player recovery. The acquisition of the aircraft also became a source of criticism from fans.

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