September 29, 2023
Possible change to the offside rule angers fans: “It’s going to get worse than it already is”

Possible change to the offside rule angers fans: “It’s going to get worse than it already is”

The era of the offside line may be over in football. Or it will undergo a drastic change. At least that’s what a study by FIFA promises, which is considering changing the rule once again, which, according to scholars, would result in a game with more dynamism, and especially goals.

Therefore, an attacker would only be in an irregular position if he was with his whole body in front of the last defender, at the time of the pass, or crossing, that is, if the attacking player divides or is a little ahead of the defender, the move would be considered legal.

For the former referee, Renato Marsiglia, the idea was implemented by Arséne Wenger, legendary Arsenal manager, and current Director of Global Football Development at FIFA.

And of course, with a change of this size being considered in the football world, there was no shortage of fans on social media sharing opinions about what this would impact on the game. Since with this possible change 99% of goals would be validated.

Fans play and choose new candidates for the Best in the World with a change in offside

With the possible change in the offside rule in view, the fans of the Brazilian teams, and also the Breton sport lovers in Europe, took the opportunity to give their guesses of possible top scorers of the season, in case this takes effect in the near future.

Names such as Álvaro Morata, renowned striker from Spain, Rony, and Timo Werner, from Germany, were some of the names mentioned, since, according to most fans, they tend to be offside with some frequency, in situations that would be considered legal with the amendment. of the rule.

The offside rule has undergone several changes over time.

One of the most controversial and controversial rules in football is that of offside. Which consists of canceling an offensive move, if the player who is attacking, at the time of the pass, has part of his body in front of his opponent, gaining an advantage considered undue in the current rule of Breton sport.

With the numerous tactical changes in football over the years, and the extension of the fields, it was necessary to implement a rule so that the attackers of the teams did not take advantage of the defenders when scoring a goal.

Were it not for the offside rule, we would have football with teams much more spaced out on the field, and abusing long balls, as was done in Europe during most of the 50s until the mid-90s.

Currently, with the implementation of VAR, the 2023 Brazilian Championship, for example, prioritizes favoring the attack, in cases in which the attacker’s line (analyzed by the video referee) must be superimposed on the defender’s line.

To exemplify, Richarlison, striker of the Brazilian National Team, had a goal annulled after seven minutes in this Tuesday’s game against Peru. During the move, the player is millimeters in front of the defender. Something that even with the frozen image generates doubts and dubious interpretations. Therefore, FIFA’s idea is to minimize the delay in this type of play so that the game gains more excitement and dynamism.

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