October 1, 2023
Prediction RB Bragantino x Grêmio – Brasileirão Série A – 14/09/2023

Prediction RB Bragantino x Grêmio – Brasileirão Série A – 14/09/2023

After the FIFA Date, the Brazilian Series A Championship returns to full steam. This Thursday, Massa Bruta hosts Grêmio, in a clash that promises to shake the structures at the top of the competition table. Check out the information and tips for the RB Bragantino x Grêmio prediction. The teams face each other at the Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium, in Bragança Paulista, at 9:30 pm (Brasília time). Toro Loko comes from a draw against Cruzeiro, away from home, while Tricolor is riding on the back of two consecutive victories.

Renato Gaúcho’s men beat Cruzeiro 3 x 0 two rounds ago, and in their last match for the Brasileirão, they beat Cuiabá, at home, 2 x 0. As a result, the team from Rio Grande do Sul appears in 3rd place, with 39 points winnings, with 12 wins, three draws and six defeats. RB Bragantino is in 6th place, with 36 points, in a campaign with nine wins, nine draws and four defeats.

If the Bragança Paulista team manages to win, they will reach the same 39 points as Grêmio, however, they will remain in 6th place, due to the number of victories lower than Flamengo and Fluminense, who are ahead of them. Tricolor, on the other hand, can reach 42 points, and surpass Palmeiras, if Verdão does not beat Goiás at home.

RB Bragantino x Grêmio prediction: important facts

  • RB Bragantino is the 7th best home team in the Brasileirão, with 22 points won playing at home;
  • Grêmio is the 11th visitor to the competition. Playing away from home, Tricolor won ten points;
  • In the 1st round, the teams tied 3 x 3 in a game held at Arena Grêmio, in Porto Alegre;
  • In the last five games, Tricolor won three matches and lost two others;
  • In the same period, RB Bragantino achieved one victory, three draws and one defeat;
  • Throughout history, RB Bragantino and Grêmio have faced each other on 15 occasions, with four wins for Tricolor, six draws and five for Massa Bruta.

RB Bragantino x Grêmio prediction: best odds and markets

RB Bragantino x Grêmio prediction: our selection of the best bets

Prediction 1: Grêmio wins

Grêmio has been buoyed by the two good results they achieved in the last two rounds. Therefore, it is a team that, even though it does not have a very regular campaign as a visitor, can surprise Massa Bruta, and return to Porto Alegre with three important points in its bag.

Luís Suárez is Tricolor’s great hope for goals, and left his mark against Cuiabá in the last round. Therefore, the presence of the experienced Uruguayan striker is an important factor in favor of the team from Rio Grande do Sul, which is aiming for second place in the Brazilian Championship.

Prediction 2: RB Bragantino wins

Playing at home, Massa Bruta is looking for a victory to add points again in the Brazilian Championship. In the last three games, the team from the interior of São Paulo lost to Bahia 4 x 0, playing away from home, recovered in Bragança Paulista after beating Cuiabá 2 x 0, and is coming off a draw against Cruzeiro in the last round.

Therefore, in order not to lose focus, nor the direct place for the Libertadores da América next season, the watchword at RB Bragantino is to play what they know to beat Grêmio and reach 39 points. Therefore, playing at home, Massa Bruta is able to win and continue in the fight for classification to the continental competition.

Prediction 3: draw

RB Bragantino and Grêmio have two squads that are evenly matched, proof of this was the spectacular draw between them in the 1st round of this season’s Brazilian Championship. For lovers of good football, this Thursday’s clash is promising, as the expectation is for an open game, with good scoring opportunities for both sides.

Therefore, another good betting chance for the RB Bragantino x Grêmio prediction involves an equal result between the teams at the end of the 90 minutes at the Estádio nabi Abi Chedid, in Bragança Paulista.

RB Bragantino x Grêmio: the current form of the teams

RB Bragantino

Portuguese coach Pedro Caixinha will have serious problems in attack for this game against Grêmio. Both Alerrandro and Thiago Borbas received the 3rd yellow card and are out of this Thursday’s match. With this, 21-year-old Tallison could win the starting spot in command of the attack.

Furthermore, Eduardo Santos (knee surgery), Eduardo Sasha (transition), Eric Ramires (transition), Henry Mosquera (knee injury), Lucas Cunha (knee surgery), Nathan Camargo (knee surgery) and Raul (transition ), are still out, recovering in the medical department.

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Prediction RB Bragantino x Grêmio – Brasileirão Série A – 14/09/2023

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Prediction RB Bragantino x Grêmio – Brasileirão Série A – 14/09/2023



Brazil Serie A 08/20/23


Probable lineup for RB Bragantino: Clayton; Aderlan, Léo Realpe, Léo Ortiz and Juninho Capixaba; Matheus Fernandes, Lucas Evangelista and Jadsom; Vitinho, Helinho and Eduardo Sasha (Tallison). Technician: Pedro Caixinha.


Renato Portaluppi will have three important reinforcements for the clash against RB Bragantino this Thursday. Cuiabano, Gabriel Grando and Fábio, return from suspension and are available to the coach. Defender Pedro Geromel remains out of the team, as he recovers from a muscle injury in his left thigh, and Jhonata Robert is in the final phase of his physical transition.

Furthermore, the team has no suspended players so far, and will go with its best for the clash against Massa Bruta at the Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium, in Bragança Paulista.

Grêmio’s probable lineup: Gabriel Grando; João Pedro, Rodrigo Ely, Kannemann and Reinaldo; Villasanti, Carballo, Pepê and Cristaldo, JP Galvão and Luís Suárez. Technician: Renato Gaúcho.

RB Bragantino x Grêmio: lineups

The lineups will be announced approximately 1 hour before the start of the game.

Final prediction for RB Bragantino x Grêmio

For the Futebol na Veia portal team, the draw between RB Bragantino and Grêmio seems to be the most reliable result for this confrontation. Both teams need to score to maintain their positions at the top of the table, and promise an open game, with the possibility of goals for both sides.

However, Massa Bruta’s latest games show that the team is going through a phase of instability, and the absence of its two main attackers could make a difference in this Thursday’s clash. Therefore, we believe that equality on the scoreboard is the likely result for the RB Bragantino x Grêmio prediction.

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