October 1, 2023
Rodrigo Nunes authorized the ″new″ Feirense

Rodrigo Nunes authorized the ″new″ Feirense

André Bastos

President will have his son Pedro Nunes as director of CD Feirense 1918.

The creation of CD Feirense 1918 is creating huge controversy in Santa Maria da Feira with members and fans of the centenary CD Feirense questioning the legitimacy of creating an Association with the name and symbol practically the same as the team that competes in the II League .

After several days of silence, President Rodrigo Nunes assumed, on Tuesday, that the Club’s Management authorized the constitution of the “new” Feirense. The leader of the fogaceiros spoke at an information session for members and fans.

The close connection between the two Feirenses is even greater, as O JOGO found that one of Rodrigo Nunes’ sons will even be director of CD Feirense 1918. Until last season, coach of the Fogaceiros’ youth teams, Pedro Nunes will now occupy one of the most important positions in the “new” Feirense and has already been at the forefront of hiring players for the team, which proposed to play in the II District Division of AF Aveiro.

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