October 1, 2023
There is interest from Fenerbahçe, but Al Musrati is body and soul at Braga

There is interest from Fenerbahçe, but Al Musrati is body and soul at Braga

The midfielder remains appointed to Fenerbahçe, but the Turkish club does not have the investment capacity. And playing in the Champions League is attractive; The Istanbul emblem showed interest in the midfielder, but it does not go beyond eight million, an insufficient amount to convince Salvador. Furthermore, the Libyan only wanted to leave if he went to a top league.

The transfer market closed in the main European championships, which does not prevent the name of Al Musrati from continuing to circulate as a target for some clubs, especially Fenerbahçe, from Turkey, a league that can still make signings until Friday, the 15th. However, this is a scenario that has no legs to walk, which is explained by the low investment capacity of the Istanbul club, taking into account the value that Braga is asking for the player, around 25 million euros, and also due to the fact that the midfielder is not willing to leave for a championship that can be equated to the Portuguese one. On the other hand, competing in the Champions League with Arsenal’s jersey is an opportunity that Al Musrati does not want to waste, not least because it could work as a springboard for other flights.

Riding on Fenerbahçe’s interest, which is real, moreover, some Istanbul newspapers yesterday suggested that the midfielder would be closer to Jorge Jesus’ former club, which does not correspond to reality. This is because the Turkish emblem cannot go beyond a proposal of eight million euros, insufficient for Braga to accept the start of negotiations.

From Qatar, whose transfer window closes on the 18th, there could be some tempting proposal and at the level of arsenalist intentions, but the player does not intend to leave for those leagues. Incidentally, at the beginning of the market, the midfielder was confronted with the interest of a Qatari club and immediately rejected the hypothesis. The Libyan’s intention is to compete in a top championship, in particular the Premier League. In addition to the turmoil caused by the market, Al Musrati has lived with shock in the last few hours, due to the floods in Libya caused by storm Daniel. However, the city where the midfielder is originally from is unaffected. Braga, even so, was available to help the Libyan population.

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