Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

FC Porto B and Marítimo face each other at 11am on Saturday

Despite the nine points, being just one point away from the leadership of the II League and the improvements in performance, Tulipa had no problem in assuming that the team is far from playing what it wants.

“We are still a long way from what my ideal is and what the collective and individual productivity of the players is. We have a lot of room to grow. We are talking about players who have not interacted. We are talking about a club that came from a trajectory that everyone knows. That changed 70 percent of the squad and changed the coach too”, he highlighted.

For the coach, all these changes caused a clear disadvantage. “We have disadvantages compared to other teams that kept their squad and kept their coaches. Throughout the construction of our team, it took us longer to find the decisions we wanted and the players that belonged to our ideal.”

Platiny, who also previewed the match against FC Porto B, talks about a big game. “When you talk about FC Porto it makes a difference, because it is a big team. But in this league, every game counts. They are big and difficult games. We know that there is a very strong individual value of the players who can decide games. We are prepared for that and we are ready to discuss the game”, he stated.

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