September 29, 2023
Palmeiras: former executioner is targeted by fans after rival’s embarrassment in the Brasileirão

Palmeiras: former executioner is targeted by fans after rival’s embarrassment in the Brasileirão

There is a saying that goes: “nothing like one day after another”, and that seems to be the tone of the Palmeiras fans this Thursday (14), one day after Flamengo’s defeat against Athletico Paranaense 3 x 0 for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão. The rival’s poor result sparked the desire of some fans to see Gabigol wearing the colors of the alviverde.

Several pages on social media mentioned the attacker, and analyzed how Gabigol and Palmeiras could work together. The striker is the Brazilian with the most goals in the Libertadores (29). If Palmeiras wins the tournament for the 4th time, it would become the club that has won the most cups in Brazil.

Not even Gabigol’s recent provocations in the final of the 2023 Brazilian Super Cup instigated the fans’ antipathy – on the contrary, it seems that he appears as a highly rated name to become the big signing of the season.

Palmeiras fans consider the possibility of Gabigol working with Abel Ferreira to be good

Considered one of the greatest coaches in the history of Palmeiras, and known for getting the most out of his players, Abel Ferreira is seen as the ideal name to lead Gabigol and recover his good form, according to the fans.

Throughout history, some players who wore the Palmeiras shirt and made history with the Alviverde mantle had the same troublemaker and provocative profile as Gabriel Barbosa. Paulo Nunes and Edmundo are some examples.

In the opinion of a large part of the Palmeiras fans, Abel Ferreira could bring the best version of Gabigol, in a club even more structured than Flamengo, especially in terms of the internal work environment, which could make the player a technical reference , as well as a goal-scoring machine.

Palmeiras fans suffer due to lack of signings

One of the main points of criticism from Palmeiras fans in relation to Leila Pereira’s management is the lack of investment in the squad. Despite the club being on the list of the 100 clubs that spent the most to form their teams in 2023, the names presented so far were not enough for the demanding Alviverde fan.

For this reason, any and all rumors about a great player who is not satisfied at his club end up becoming a reason for fans to believe in a possible signing.

This season, the only two names presented by Verdão were midfielder Richard Ríos, a Guarani standout since 2022, and striker Arthur, who was revealed at the club, and had a good spell at Red Bull Bragantino.

Recently, the name of Argentine midfielder Roberto Pereyra was mentioned behind the scenes at Parque Antártica, but the player himself reportedly rejected the interest of the Palmeiras team.

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