October 1, 2023
Sérgio Conceição addresses Carlos Xavier’s criticism of Taremi

Sérgio Conceição addresses Carlos Xavier’s criticism of Taremi



Sérgio Conceição made this Thursday’s preview to Estrela da Amadora-FC Porto, of the fifth round of the I Liga. The game is scheduled for 7:15 pm on Friday.

Carlos Xavier’s criticisms of Taremi: “”It’s very simple: the criticism that interests Taremi is that of his colleagues and the technical team. It can be positive or negative, but it is always constructive. That’s what interests me and Taremi. Full stop.”

Do you have any regrets regarding some actions in which you reacted “hot”, in which you were suspended for avoiding leaving the field for some time, in the way you interacted with the referees? Is there any amount of regret in your sporting behavior?:

“It’s an intelligent question on your part. I would leave my answer for a Daniel Oliveira program, for example. He’s invited me two or three times and I couldn’t be present. It’s an excellent question. When I, before you, my life, my family, my friends and the general public, I say what I feel, because otherwise I’d rather not say it, I’m not as genuine as possible, I’m genuine. I say what I feel. Looking coldly at what I did at the time, obviously I would change some behaviors, without any doubt whatsoever. But, at that moment, I was that and tomorrow I will be what I will be. I hope to be here with another conversation next week. My life has been a life of struggle and I believe that the other coaches do too. Nobody likes to lose, everyone likes to win. But there are some who feel differently and who have a different character, then we’ll see if it’s right or wrong. Many of the things are wrong, But what was my journey? What was my life path? If this justifies everything? Obviously not. You can here or there mitigate one or another situation. There are things to improve. I, as a person and coach, learn and evolve every day. It is in this process, in which I am truly passionate about life and have a lot of respect for the people who work with me, my friends and my family, that I try to be better today than I was yesterday and tomorrow than I am. today. This evolution is part of life and I gladly accept it. Not only this personal evolution, but also professional, without a doubt whatsoever.”

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