September 29, 2023
Sérgio Vieira and Conceição’s thoughts on Estrela-FC Porto: ″I don’t believe it…″

Sérgio Vieira and Conceição’s thoughts on Estrela-FC Porto: ″I don’t believe it…″

Estrela da Amadora coach believes that Sérgio Conceição will not do any type of management with the Champions League in mind

Estrela da Amadora will have to overcome and compete beyond its limits to be able to aspire to triumph against FC Porto, in the fifth round of the I League, coach Sérgio Vieira said this Thursday.

“We know it will always be difficult, but it is a very ambitious and particular stage to achieve, which is to play a great game and complete the evolutionary stages against a large and historic club, which fights year after year for the various titles of the competitions in which it is involved. involved. We have to know what we are going for. It will be a moment in which we have to overcome and compete beyond our limits, to allow very little to FC Porto”, stressed the coach, in a press conference previewing the match.

The break for national team commitments took away several players from FC Porto, but also from the amateurs, namely central defenders Kialonda Gaspar and Johnstone Omurwa, who are ready for a duel between two “competitive” teams.

“There are two competitive teams looking for their objectives, with their rules and rigor. We are perfectly identified with what is possible to be identified and prepared for the unpredictable, the individual quality and the preparation that FC Porto may have developed, but focused on what we can control, on our rules and on the process from the initial stage. Tomorrow (Friday), it will be another stage”, he expressed.

Although it comes before the Dragons’ debut in this year’s edition of the Champions League, against the Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk, in the first round of the group stage, the Tricolores’ coach does not believe that FC Porto will carry out any type of management.

“I don’t believe that Sérgio (Conceição), or any ambitious coach of a big club, will think about the next game or competition without having the responsibility and ambition in the previous game. I believe that FC Porto’s focus is on the next opponent. We don’t expect any type of management, we expect many difficulties and we will try to reciprocate in this way too, to make it a beautiful spectacle to watch”, he highlighted.

The tricolors started the championship against Vitória de Guimarães and Benfica, and now face FC Porto in the fifth round, in a difficult start to the season, but which Sérgio Vieira considers to be “extremely positive”, from the perspective of rapid growth.

“The championship is a marathon and it is important to quickly understand the aspects to improve. Playing against good opponents, we achieve this faster. The team, in terms of performance, is always evolving, making mistakes here and there, but facing teams that are very strong, our perspective is always positive, as it allows us to quickly be alert and rigorous in relation to each decision we make”, he said.

Striker Gustavo Henrique remains unavailable, but João Reis has recovered from injury and could be part of the options, while Mansur remains a doubt for the match.

Estrela da Amadora, 13th placed, with four points, receives FC Porto, second, with 10, on Friday, in the fifth round of the I League, at 7:15 pm, at the José Gomes Stadium, in Amadora, refereed by João Pinheiro , from the Braga association.

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