October 1, 2023
″São Luís has to be a fortress″

″São Luís has to be a fortress″

José Mota wants Farense to be uninhibited to counter Braga’s power.

Farense’s coach said this Friday that his team must approach Saturday’s reception to Braga, from the I League, in an uninhibited way, to counter the opponent’s power.

“In addition to understanding the power of the opponent, we have to be a team in our image. A team with convictions, an uninhibited team, a team that has demonstrated quality in these first games. With the strength of our fans, we will certainly give a good answer”, said José Mota, in anticipation of the fifth round match.

The Farense coach highlighted that one of the main factors in favor of the Algarve team is the support of their fans at the São Luís Stadium.

“We have to understand the strength that we, the team, that we, Farense, that we, the fans, have, particularly at São Luís. São Luís has to be a fortress, it has to increasingly give us that inner strength that, in some moments, the group needs it”, he said.

José Mota praised Braga, which he considered “a very strong opponent” and with “greater ambitions” in the League, specifying that the Minho team’s “great ambition” is to be national champions.

“We have to be prepared to counter all of this. It is a squad with great talents, with great experience, which has demonstrated and will demonstrate, throughout this season, its full potential”, he added.

The two weeks of break in the championship, for the national teams’ commitments, were “intense” and pleased the Farense coach, who worked on “fundamental and necessary” aspects for this stage of the season.

“We had the integration of some players who had less pace than the others who were already here and we recovered some athletes with physical problems. The work capacity and the way the players face this intensity, at the level of the pace we want for the team , makes us much better”, he pointed out.

Farense, 15th, with three points, and Braga, seventh with seven, face each other on Saturday, at the São Luís Stadium, at 6:00 pm, with refereeing by António Nobre, from the Leiria association.

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