September 28, 2023
″The game is marked by our error″

″The game is marked by our error″

Statements by Sérgio Vieira, coach of Estrela da Amadora, after the 1-0 home defeat to FC Porto, in the opening game of the fifth round of the I League

Analysis: “In general terms it was a good game for us, unfortunately we had individual behavioral details that penalized us. Overall it was a good game, we continued our attitude and rigor at every moment.”

Beginning of the game: “We started the game with substitutions, breaks in the rhythm of the game. Ronald also took a hit to the head. But the game was marked by our error which led to FC Porto’s goal.”

Reaction: “We reacted, we tried to press, not give space, but we know that their quality and confidence lead us to make good decisions and get out of areas of pressure that we wanted to cause. We finished the way we tried to start, despite FC’s tactical changes Porto, we managed to adjust. We finished with the same attitude, rigor, desire to create, then it’s the detail, the last pass, last cross. We had opportunities, we have to keep working. We have players who are at the beginning of their maturity at a high level, where a small mistake pays dearly, two who arrived from the teams, traveled for hours, it is normal that they were not in their mental state to make decisions.”

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