October 1, 2023
“Bet?  We avoided talking this week″

“Bet? We avoided talking this week″

Artur Jorge, Braga’s coach, previewed Saturday’s game (6pm), against Farense, on the fifth round of the I League.

Farense: “We had a clean week to prepare for this game. My expectation is to find many similarities with the opponent we had in the previous round (Moreirense), a very competitive and combative team, which presents itself in the same way. Playing at São Luís is always difficult , I expect a highly demanding game, we will have to be at our best level to achieve a clear objective, add another victory and for the team to perform well, from the first to the last minute, and have a performance that allows us to be closer to win, more in line with the quality of the team.”

Infernal cycle: “We are going to enter a period of competitive density. Until the beginning of October we will have six games, four for the I League. We will play every three days and there is a need to be more competitive in all competitions. We want to fight for victory in every game, fighting for the best and this block of four games will represent a lot for us, to cement the top places that we want to have. Valuing this game, but also this month, which will be very demanding and I hope to have everyone available .”

Duel between son and father: “It could be expected that he will be a starter. But, we look at Farense as a whole, due to its dynamics. Obviously it is a moment of some satisfaction not only for me and for Artur (son), but also of some discomfort, which perhaps be worse for him. One advantage we have is that we know each other very well, we know how competitive we are and I don’t expect anything other than Artur leading a Farense determined to go against what I want too. It’s a moment of some abnormality in the our League, but each of us will do our best. Was there any bet? We avoided talking this week to keep the focus on the team and the game.”

Display level: “We didn’t have a first half (against Moreirense) befitting the value of the team and the alert, for everyone, players and coach alike, must remain so that we don’t fall into the same mistake, we have to be prepared to realize that the opponent is It will create a lot of problems, because it has individual and collective quality, it is very combative and wants to win the game on top of a display of great character and quality, these are the hallmarks we want to see in this team in all competitions.”

Goals conceded: “The important thing is to evaluate the final result. The growth margin exists, it can be improved and so that we can be regular and balanced, based on victory. What is recorded is the victory. We suffer more than we want, but it has a great capacity offensive and we scored in every game.”

Abel Ruiz returns without minutes in the national team: “Obviously he returns with the happiness of being present in one of the great world teams. I believe that for him and for the others, who had an opportunity, it will always be a moment of happiness and it is a sign of their work at the club. Everyone arrived determined.”

Tragedy in Libya: “(I spoke to him (Al Musrati) and what I was told is that the family does not live in the most affected area. Sad about what happened, but with no direct relationship with Al Musrati.”

Álvaro Djaló renewal: “It will always be an example for the youth players, as we have an extremely competitive (main) team and the level of difficulty increases. This is its season of full affirmation and the renewal is entirely fair for a player who has played a role of prominence. May more young people from the training appear and be able to impose themselves.”

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